Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Is Truly Strange

Brian and I met about nine months ago - I was introduced to him by my ex-boyfriend of three years. My ex-boyfriend, Gary, had not told me at the time, but later told me that he was gay and that Brian was his lover. I had been under the impression for the six months that they had a relationship of just being close friends. During that time I got to talk to Brian and find out so many things about him. I found out that he was having a lot of the same problems with Gary as I did in the relationship. But, at the time I was still thinking they were only friends, a few months went by and Gary finally confronted me about his "new lifestyle." I was shocked but open-minded.

I started hanging out with Brian more often and talking to him on the phone a lot. Brian and I both shared many things in common. We both felt that we needed each other in each other's lives. He and Gary broke off their relationship because of many reasons. Brian and I became closer to each other. He is the sweetest and most honest man I know. He has helped me through so many hard times in my life - he is my angel. He still does not know how important he is in my life, and I am scared to tell him because I am not sure how he would react. I think that he may be interested in me though. He has recently decided to go completely straight which was a big decision for him that I feel partially responsible for. I care for him with all my heart and would love to have the opportunity to tell him how much he means to me. I know this seems like a bizarre case, but I assure you - this is all true!! I couldn't believe it myself at first!! Life is truly strange.

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