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Krithika's Real Love Story - Sacrifice

krithika was first year science student, studying in chennai.she was first daughter to her parents,so her parents treated her like a was a fine evening.the setting sun is painting the sky with vibrant colors.few flights crossed with heavy noise.birds returning back to their nest.schools students are going to tuition.krithika enjoyed all these beautiful sights from her balcony while having her favorite bru coffee.flower boy delivered flowers to her.when she unwrapped the flowers from the news paper,she noticed the column 'INK LINKS' with full of addresses.she studied about pen friendship in her school days.but by that time she didnt get an opportunity to make pen she thought to give a try now.she couldn't select anyone from the list so she thought to mail her address to get published.later after few days while searching books in her cupboard.she found bunch of letters in her name.with a surprise she read the letters.then she understood that her advertisement got published,seeing that few persons written letters to her.many persons like her are looking for pen friendship across india.most of the letters are from guys.she kept those letters back in the cupboard.but one letter from coimbatore got her was from tarun kumar,a mechanical engineering student studying in PSG engineering college.he told that he got her address from one of his friend.he mentioned that his dad was in government service and mom was home-maker and he had one younger brother.his hand writing was like a child's scribbling.hard to read.but still something attracted she replied to him with her description.soon they became good friends.daily after returning from college she use to check for his mails in her cupboard.days passed happily.they spoke through letters. they talked about everything except themselves.krithika's friends started teasing her by saying "how is ur coimbatore mappilai?"her reply was just a smile.what they know about our friendship???she thought to herself.In his next mail "krithi,my friend says'macha,she is in love with you da...and he teases me by saying "KA KO TA (kandhal kottai tarun)"she laughed reading that letter.but she understood what he meant. he indirectly proposed her.but she dont wanna react to that simply replied"seems your friend watches more movies,thats why he is thinking more it your friend thoughts or do you started loving me???just kidding...dont serious.what he knew about our friendship?you dont take it seriously.he might be making fun of concentrate in your studies."he replied"no da...its just his words...we are good friends"she breathed happily with that reply.As days passed by...they exchanged their photos after one year of their friendship.'you are very beautiful da...i showed your photo to all my friends.everyone said you are charming".he was also smart,good looking but that didnt make any difference in her.she liked his character not his personality.For every festival he used to send greeting cards.he sends greetings even for republic day,gandhi jayanthi...and sometimes hello,remember me,miss you cards...but she never sent any.once she sent her hand painted card on his request.from the she started sending him cards once in a while.everyone knows how much krithi loves his friendship.he is also like that only.when she was sick for few days.she couldnt write letters to that time he was almost depressed.wrote many letters... "if i have done anything by mistake.iam sorry da.please punish me as you wish but dont punish me without writing letters i cannot tolerate your separation.i dont want to miss you at any cost.daily iam checking my mailbox and getting disappointed without your letters"."oh my much love he is pouring on me? Am i worth for all these? Thank god for giving me such a wonderful friend for life time" krithika's eyes filled with tears...she wrote him immediately about her health.iam not well da,that why couldnt write letters to you""i know you might be having some valid reason for not writing me but still i couldnt know what was the turning point in my life?it was the day i received your first letter.yes da...its you who moulded my life made me a poet with your poems,you made a painter with your made me someone special among my friends.what else you are going to make me angel?.i want to hear your voice da,if you dont mind could you call me to my hostel number or give your number I will call you…. please???"krithi was happy while reading his letter.he appreciates her for everything she do.they both are good in studies.she can feel his immense love for her.but she is helpless...she called him after two days to fulfil his small wish.they spoke only 'Hi,Hello,How are you?,fine.thank you.take care,bye" only that much...he praised her voice in his next mail "wow...what a lovely voice you have da!!!...cuckoo will fail infront of your voice" he is the first person prasing her voice. she thought all guys will praise girls like that only.but later when she gave a speech in college culturals.everyone appreciated her cute voice she never know that she have such cute voice until he told...he is simply great.pen friendship is some kinda nice day she just bunked her college due to heavy down pouring of rain.after breakfast she slept off while scribbling some paintings for tarun."madam courier"shouted the courier guy...his rough voice woke her up from her deep sleep.the rain stopped by that time.when she half opened her eyes to see who it is.Her uncle was standing in the gate,signing in the delivery form,receiving a parcel.she thought it was for him, he have given their address for receiving letters from his office as he was staying in rented house.she waited for sometime expecting the parcel for her but he didnt give it to her so thought that it was for him she slipped back into sleep to continue her colourful dreams.when she got up she found a valentine card with the words 'To my valentine', beautiful stone embedded bangles, valentine gift with the word 'valentine, you add colors to my life' scattered on the table with the cover named TO KRITHIKA. she was more shocked than surprised to see those valentine's day gifts. my god it was gift from tarun for her on valentine's day.Now she remembered the parcel received by her uncle. "what a manner less fellow he is...!!! how dare is he to open my parcel without my permission" she got very angry, but he was not there by then. None of her family members wont touch her letters. they give importance to others feelings.Their was a big meeting in her house that night at dinner time about that parcel and about her friendship with tarun."ma,he is just my friend.thats all.nothing else between him and me as your stupid brother told you.i swear ma...if you trust me or not iam not going to bother,because i know what i am."she went inside the room and slamming the door.That topic was stopped there, but war started in her. she lied on bed, thinking why he sent such gifts? is he started loving me??? if i didnt accept his proposal means...then do i need to miss him??? his friendship? but how can i miss his friendship?She don’t know want to reply. so she stopped writing letters to him. She cannot discuss neither with friends nor family as they are already making fun. she was in dilemma...whether to write or not…he too didn't write to her. probably he might be waiting for my reply she thought.finally she made up her mind to write a letter." Tarun ,you are my best friend, guide, philosopher, etc., no one understood me the way you understood. the way you encouraged. iam really lucky to have such a great friend like you, but i am not lucky enough to get you as my life partner. i never felt of loving you. i always seen you as one of my best friend. everyone thought i am loving you but i never had such kinda thoughts. why all you guys are like this. if a girl speaks friendly means why you takes it as love? because of you guys only parents suspects their daughters. That’s why they are not allowing girls to speak with guys. you are not actor ajith kumar in the movie kadhal kottai and iam not heroine devayani to love each other without seeing in person? i never expected this from you. You want to do MS in USA na??? you have GRE and TOFEL exams next week na?prepare well for that. i don't think we can continue our friendship after you got this kinda lets separate as good friends.wish you good luck in all your future endeavor’s i hope you will appreciate my decision" she completed writing her last was the last letter to her beloved friend. she couldn't control her tears. she don't know how to control her feelings.she winked off her tears when she heard someone's footsteps.days passed by....but there is no reply from him....she was restless.she couldn’t able to guess what he thought after reading her letter.she was completely depressed...she was pale...she was not active like before.she stopped speaking with friends at one seen her like that earlier.she was lost in her thoughts. "what has happened to you krithika.why are you so dull?" asked her childhood buddy sneha in the lunch time."any problem between you and tarun???" asked hesitatinglykrithi burst into tears hugging her.she never seen her best friend crying before. everyone calls her as "smile" as she handles everything positively with a smile on her face.but now she is....she explained everything what has happened...after listening the whole story.she asked calmly "you might have told YES to him rather than suffering like this"she continued " i know how much you like him,he too loves you know very well he is very nice person.then what is the problem in accepting his proposal?"“yes sneha...he is very nice person thats the problem...”“what?” puzzled sneha“Are you hesitating because of your health???""yes...he is such a marvelous person i met in my life. he loved me the way i needed to be loved. He is such a caring heart.according to him i am an angel,his dream can i become a burden to can i spoil his dreams by saying iam handicapped?.i dont want to ruin his future"sneha hugged her friend proudly....“everything is ok but he too will be suffering like you only na krithi?"questioned snehaShe continued "he loved you so much since these years.he cannot tolerate a day without your letters.then how can you expect him to be happy now.he too will be suffering like you only na"“Yes…she is right…he cannot tolerate a day without her letter but how will he now????”That evening she called to his hostel number they told "he vacated the hostel"She searched for his residence number in his letters but she couldnt find any.she tried all the numbers given by him but she couldnt find him.Atlast she only got his Email id from his friend.She mailed him saying “tarun I love you so I realized what a blunder mistake I made by saying NO to your proposal.leave your parents and come tarun lets ran away and get marry.”She knows his mind that he never agree for this. eventhough he loved her immensly he will hate her for this mail.She reached home happily with content of well executing her plan.Next morning she got a call from the net cafe girl"madam, you got reply for your mail,which you sent from my mail id yesterday""really, read it out for me..."'dear krithika,what you have decided earlier is per your wish iam going USA to pursue my MS. lets seperate as friends happily and try to reach our happy.wish you good luck'bye"Thanked that girl and she banged the phone happily. She knew that he will never think of her again in his life...She got him out of depression,but who will get her out of depression???

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