Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I thought we were never meant to be...

This happens to me when i was 13 years old. I was one of the member in my school concert band. I was quite new to my band and so the teachers started introducing band major and drum major. It was the band major that caught my eyes. He told me he felt the same way too. So we started to talk. However, one of this friend told him that he was interested in me and him being a good friend, didn't want to betray, so he just let me go. I felt very sad and angry so i accepted his friend. Although i was with his friend, i kept thinking of him. The next year, we had a trip to Brisbane with my concert band. It was so fated that both going and return flight, we are seated together. At that time, he also had a girlfriend so he asked me if i could change my seat with her. Of course i change my seat but i cried when i turn back and saw them hugging together sleeping. Something happen that made me broke up with his friend in Brisbane. As his girlfriend is my room mate that time, she told me that she is also going to break up with him when return to Singapore. She had to take a flight to meet her mum whereas all of us had to go back to Singapore. I was seated beside him in the return flight. I told him what she told me and he cried. At that time when we return back, we are both single. However he told me that he needed time to heal his wound. I waited a few months for him. In that period, i started to know a guy from another school. We were very close and so i stopped waiting and went on with my life. About a year after we are together, he started to sms me. He wrote 'Once there was a relationship placed in front of me but i did not treasure it. Until it's gone did i regret it. If heaven can give me a chance to say something, i would say "I love you". And if i need to put a time to it, i hope it will be a million years.' After reading, i was really touched and i started crying. I called him and he told me how he wish that i was beside him at that instant. After that night, because he knew that i am still attached, he told me to go on with my life. I was sad but i still go on. There was once he lied to me. I was admitted in the hospital and he promised me to come and visit me. So i waited happily but he didn't come and gave me a call to say his brother in law had an accident so he couldn't make it. At that moment, i was puzzled about how i should react. A few months later, I met him in a shopping center near my school. I really didn't know it was his birthday. I approached him to say hi. I don't know whether that day we met, is it fated. Both of us told our friends that we were never going to be together. We had waited for 4 years and within this 4 years, the pain that we had, we really would not forget. Only recently that he asked me out again, that we had a chance to be together. Now whenever i look back into the past, i know that this relationship is not easily obtained. And that i know i must cherish it.

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