Tuesday, August 31, 2010


John and Peter had a conversation one summer day. "I found a dollar" John exclaimed happily.

"So what?" his friend Peter asked. John explained that he can buy his little sister a birthday present.

Peter said, "There's nothing you can buy for a dollar." John could not think of any answer.

Finally, he said, "My mom and I are going shopping tomorrow. I am sure we will find

a special gift." Peter just laughed.

The following day, John, his mom and Mary (John's little sister) visited a department store,

and a toy shop. John searched the shelves but everything that could be a present

for his sister cost much more than a dollar.

Finally, John asked what he can buy for a dollar. "Two packs of gum," his mom replied

but didn't think that it will be good for his sister. But John said he wants to get

a gift his sister Mary will remember for a long time.

The three of them went to a supermarket. His mother put Mary in the cart while

John followed sadly behind. Then he noticed a shelf marked "DAY-OLD BREAD HALF-PRICE."

John looked at the packages of white, wheat and rye bread. He thought even half-price

is too much. Suddenly, he saw a very crumpled loaf marked $1.

"I can buy that," he said to his mom. "What will you do with it?" his mom asked.

"If we can stop at the park on our way home, I will show you," John replied.

Soon they were standing at the park and John gave his sister the crumpled loaf of bread.

"For me?" his little sister asked. "All for you and Happy Birthday," John said.

Mary opened the bag of crumpled bread and began throwing it to a crowd of birds and

pigeons and watched as they caught it in midair.

She said, "This is my best present ever. Will you give me big bunches of bread again?"

John promised, "The next time I find a dollar."

When John saw Peter again, the first thing his friend asked was, "Well, were you able to find anything

that costs a dollar? "Yes," John replied happily. "What?" Peter asked in surprise.

"I bought a dollar's worth of joy and that is the most wonderful birthday present of all."


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