Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Clever Fox

Once there lived a clever fox in a forest. One day he saw a crow on the branch of a tree. She had a piece of meat in her beak.

The fox thought, the crow has a piece of meat in her beak. I shall get it by a trick and eat it."

Then the fox looked up at the crow and said, "Good morning, Mrs. crow, you are looking very bright. Your feathers are shining too. You are the queen of birds. Please sing a song in your sweet voice,"

The crow heard the praise of the fox and became proud and happy. She thought, "The fox has spoken the truth. I am really beautiful. I shall sing him a song and show him my sweet voice too."

The crow lifted her head up and opened her mouth and cawed. The piece of meat fell down to the ground.

At once the fox ran to it and ate it up. Then the fox said to the crow, "Stop your song. I wanted that piece of meat in your beak. I have eaten it now. Thank you. I shall give you a piece of advice. Remember it.

"Don't trust liars."

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