Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Ass in the Tiger-Skin

A poor washer man had an old ass. He did not give it any food. The ass became thin and weak. The washer man had a wife and seven children.

He said, "I am working hard. But I am not earning a lot of money. I can't feed my wife and children well. How can I feed this donkey?"

Suddenly he remembered a tiger-skin in the house. It was a gift to his father's good work. He thought, " I shall cover the ass with the skin and drive it into the field and won't go near it. My ass can eat a lot and grow fat too."

The next day he dressed the donkey in the tiger-skin and drove it into the field of crops.

The villagers saw the donkey in the tiger-skin. They thought, 'The tiger will kill us all. We shall write to the Collector and he will shoot it with the help of the police.

Many days passed. The ass ate a lot of crop everyday, and grew stout and strong. One day the villagers received a letter from the Collector. He wrote in it, "I shall send you someone with a gun next week. He will shoot down the tiger. But there is no tiger in your village or in any place near your village. My officers tell me this."

That evening all the villagers went to the field with big sticks. The washerman's donkey in the tiger-skin was in the field. Suddenly another donkey brayed from some places near the field. The washerman's donkey lifted up his head and brayed too.

The villagers saw this. They heard the donkey's voice in the field, beat him out. In a few days the washerman's donkey became thin without and food and died.

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