Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Things Don't Stay Together

Moments that we’ve shared, cannot be jotted down on paper,

But nevertheless it was chemistry, not vapor,

You walked into my life, and made the deepest mark,

This ignited my fire, which gave birth to a spark,

When you are here, I have the world with me,

It is heaven; I wish it could be eternity,

We walked side by side,

Hand in hand, under the moonlight,

The touch of your hand, your presence worthwhile,

The warmth that you give me makes me feel so secure,

I will be with you in pain; I will be with you in cure!

As the sun rose, and a new day just began,

You leave my hand and told me it’s all done,

I know you have to go, but you’ll stay by my side,

That look in your eyes, just seems to tell me more,

Though, the parting is a pain, our love seems to grow,

You tell me not to cry, but, keep a positive heart,

“Because all good things don’t stay together, but often stay apart.”

The day is finally here, when you leave me all alone,

Like an orphan misses a mother, and a homeless misses a home,

The depth in your eyes, your touch and your feel,

Is what I’ll miss, I’ll miss you for real,

That passion and that care, you’ve showered on me,

Are all those special moments, and that’s what they are going to be.

If I had to give you something, that would remind you of me,

I’d give you a house full of memories,

Because memories are things that go deeper into time,

We can look back at them and revive all that, lasting for years to go,

We’ll build it together and cherish it forever,

All that we shared, we’d capture under lock and key,

And make a life in that house, which is ideal for you and me.

Its time for us to part, you’ll be at the other end of the world,

Both of us with a totally shattered heart,

My heart bleeds to see you depart,

I will wait for you with bated breath,

I will lead my life, but I will also fret,

Cause without you I am incomplete, the emptiness is there,

Only when you are with me again, will that hollowness disappear,

As the sun goes down, with autumn all around,

Till the waters are blue, I will wait for you,

I wish you luck for the times we‘re apart,

I will miss you, don’t worry I will convince my heart.

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