Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wicked Wolf

Many wild animals live in a forest. The lion is one of them. He is the king of the forest.

One day the lion was very ill. The fox, the wolf and the other animals in the forest gave the lion a lot of medicine. But the king of the forest did not become well again.

The fox thought, "The lion has not become well again. He gets very angry without any reason or cause. I shall not go near him for a week. But I shall watch him secretly." The fox and the wolf were not good friends.

The wolf thought. "The fox has not visited the king of the forest for a week now. I lion and make him angry. The lion will kill the fox in his anger and my enemy will die."

The wolf went to the lion and said, "O king how is your health? I pray for your good health. I am always thinking of you. Does the fox visit you every day now?"

The lion shook up his mane and said, "Thank you for your kind words. Can you fox? Where is he now? He has not brought me any new medicine!"

The wolf answered, "O my dear king, the fox is a wicked friend. He is working against you. He will kill you by a trick and make another lion the king of the forest. This is his wish. He said this to a friend of his and I heard it too. Be careful of the fox please."

The lion got very angry, He at once said to the wolf "Go and bring the fox before me quickly, I shall punish him for his wicked wish."

The wolf went to the forest and looked for the fox. At last he found the fox under the shade of a tree and brought him before the king of the forest.

The lion asked the fox, "Where have you been all these days? You have not visited me for many days. You have no love for me. You have failed in your duty. I am going to punish you now."

The fox replied, " O my great master! I shall always do my duty and love you. I have not visited you for some days. It is true. I was out in the forest and met many doctors and informed them of your illness.

At last I have found out the cure for your illness from one of them."

The lion was happy and said to the fox, "Have you? Tell me quickly. What is the cure for my illness?"

The fox said, "The good doctors advise this cure for your illness. Kill a wolf and wrap your king's body in its warm skin."

The lion was every happy. At once he jumped on the wolf and killed it. The wicked wolf died by his own wicked plan.


  1. Story is very interesting and telling about lion and wolf is very interesting.

  2. I was reading story with very interest like small kid. It is nice story of lion and wolf.


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