Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Jackal and the Camel

Once a jackal and a camel lived near a river in a forest. They were good friends.

One day the jackal said to the camel, "There is a field of sugarcane on the other side of the river. There is a lot of sugarcane in it. I am hungry now. We can eat some of them. I can't swim across the river. Take me there, please!"

The camel said to the jackal, "It is a good idea. I am hungry too. Show me the way to that field of sugarcane and I shall carry you on my back."

The jackal thanked the camel and sat on its back.

In thirty minutes they reached the other side of the river. Soon they entered the field of sugarcane. The jackal jumped from the back of the camel to the ground. They walked on and came to the middle of the field.

The jackal said to the camel, "There is lot of sugarcane here. Some of them are tall and ripe. Some of them are short and raw. They have not grown up well. Don't eat them."

The camel asked the jackal, "Are you not eating the sugarcane with me? I am going to eat them slowly."

The jackal answered, "No, I am not. I am very fond of fish, crabs and other things in the river. I shall go to the river, eat my dinner and return in thirty minutes."

The jackal left the camel in the field, ran to the river and ate a lot of fish, crabs and other things. His stomach was full and then he returned to the field of sugarcane.

The jackal said to the camel, "I have eaten plenty of fish and crabs. I am happy now. Have you eaten a lot of sugarcane? Are you happy too?"

The camel replied, "No, I am not. Your stomach is small. You have filled It up quickly. But mine is big. I am eating very slowly. I shall finish my dinner and join you at the river-bank in a few minutes. The jackal was full of joy. He ran round and round the field and howled aloud for some time. Then he ran to the river-bank and waited there for the camel.

The people in the village heard the noise. They said, "There is no one in the field of. sugarcane. A jackal has got into the field. He will eat all our sugarcane. we shall run to the field and drive him out."

They ran very fast and reached the field in ten minutes. They saw the camel in the middle of the field. They beat it severely with their sticks and drove it out of the field.

The camel ran fast to the bank of the river and saw the jackal there.

The jackal asked the camel, "Have you eaten the sugarcane? Shall we return home now?"

The camel said, "No, I haven't. First get on my back quickly. We shall cross the river and then talk of things." With the jackal on the back, the camel reached the middle of the river. Then the camel said to the jackal, "You are a very bad friend. You had your dinner. Then you howled and brought the villagers to the field. I had not eaten a lot of sugarcane. I have eaten a lot of the field Are you happy now?"

The jackal replied, "No I am not. I am very sorry. always run about and howl after a good dinner. It is a habit of mine."

The camel walked on silently. After sometime they reached a deep spot in the river. the water reached the camel's hump.

The camel stopped at once. Then it said to the jackal, "I always roll over in the water after my dinner. It is a habit of mine." Then the camel rolled over in the water. The jackal fell from the camel's back into the water and died.

The camel crossed the river quickly and reached home safely.

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