Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Foolish Crocodile

A monkey lived in a tree near the Ganges. His name was Sumuka. He ate a lot of jambo fruit and grew fat.

One day he saw a very old crocodile. It came to the foot of the tree. Sumuka said to the crocodile, " Good morning, sir. You are old and week. What has brought you here? I am happy and full of joy today. It is my birthday. I will give you some jambo fruit."
Then Sumuka threw down some fruit to the crocodile. The crocodile ate them with great joy. Then he slowly went back home. He lived on a mud bank in the river.

The next day too, the crocodile came and the monkey gave him a lot of jambo fruit. The crocodile thanked the monkey and soon they became good friends.

One day, the crocodile took some jambo fruit home to his wife. She ate them and said to her husband, "The jambo fruit is very sweet and good. Bring me some everyday." Every day the crocodile came to the monkey and took home a few jambo fruits for his wife.

Four days passed. On the fifth day the crocodile's wife said to her husband, "My dear, the jambo fruit is very nice. Who gives it to you everyday? Is he a man or a bird or an animal?"

The crocodile replied, "Don't you know this? I have a friend. He lives in the jambo tree on the bank of the Ganges. He is a monkey. He gives me the Jambo fruit every day."

His wife asked, "Does he? I am very happy. Does he eat a lot of jambo fruit everyday ?" The crocodile replied, "Yes, he does? How will this information help you ?" His wife said, "Then bring me his liver. It will be a nice food for us. I shall eat his liver or die without any food."

The crocodile was afraid of his wife. He was always obedient to her.

The next day the crocodile went to the jambo tree and invited the monkey for a feast. He said, "My wife has prepared a good dinner for you. She expects you today."

The monkey said to the crocodile, "Thank you for your invitation. I cannot cross the river."

The crocodile replied, "You can get on my back. I will carry you home."

The monkey trusted the crocodile and got on his back. Then they entered the water together.

The crocodile walked slowly on land. But he swam quickly in water.

The money was afraid and said to the crocodile, "Friend, please go slowly."

The crocodile thought, "Sumuka is in my power now. He cannot escape. I will tell him the truth".

Then the crocodile said to the monkey, "O friend, think of god now. My wife is going to kill you today and eat your liver. She is not giving you and feast." The monkey was afraid. But he did not lose courage. Suddenly an idea came to his mind. He said, "My dear friend, I am very sorry for you and your wife. She wants my liver for food. It isn't with me now. It is in a hole in a branch of the tree. I have only my heart with me here."

The crocodile said, "You have done a wrong thing. Without your liver, my wife won't eat you. She will be angry and kill me too. We shall go back to the tree and return quickly with it."

The monkey was very glad and agreed. They went back to the tree. The monkey climbed quickly to the top of the tree and said, "O foolish friend, go back to your wife and get her curses. Do you leave your liver on the mud bank? My liver is in my body and not in the tree. I cannot lose it for your wife's dinner. You Are Cruel. I have Made a mistake and have trusted you. God will punish you both for your cruelty."

The crocodile went away sadly.

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