Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WorldWar 1 - Soldier

Horror gripped the heart of a World War-I soldier, as he saw his lifelong friend fall in battle. The soldier asked his Lieutenant if he could go out to bring his fallen comrade back."You can go," said the Lieutenant," but don't think it will be worth it. Your friend is probably dead and you may throw your life away."The Lieutenant's words didn't matter, and the soldier went anyway. Miraculously, he managed to reach his friend, hoisted him onto his shoulder and brought him back to their company's trench.The officer checked the wounded soldier, and then looked kindly at his friend. "I told you it wouldn't be worth it," he said. "Your friend is dead and you are mortally wounded.""It was worth it, Sir," said the soldier."What do you mean by worth it?" responded the Lieutenant. "Your friend is dead.""Yes Sir," the soldier answered, "but it was worth it because when I got to him, he was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing him say..."Jim... I knew you'd come."------------------------------------------Many times in life, whether a thing is worth doing or not, really depends on how u look at it. Take up all your courage and do something your heart tells you to do so that you may not regret not doing it later in your life..

Secret of Happy married Life
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A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Their domestic tranquility had long been the talk of the town-"What a peaceful & loving couple".A local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long and happy marriage. "Well, it dates back to our honeymoon," explained the man."We visited the Grand Canyon and took a trip down to the bottom on the canyon by horse. We hadn't gone too far when my wife's horse stumbled. My wife said, "That's once"."We proceeded a little further and the horse stumbled again. Once more my wife said, 'That's twice.' "We hadn't gone a half-mile when the horse stumbled the third time. My wife quietly removed a revolver from her purse and shot the horse dead."I started an angry protest over her treatment of the horse; while I was shouting, she looked at me, and said, "That's once"." And we lived happily ever after"

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