Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher & Student story

friends,Go though it good oneIt explains how a teacher's love and concern for a student, revolutionised the look of America. This is the story. There was a school near a slum inAmerica. Children of the slum also attend this school. One girl from the slum is so beautiful and very good at academics in the school. But she alwaysdresses up bad. No proper combing of air, no proper clothing etc., Her class teacher loves her so much and feels sorry for the condition of the girl.So one day she gives a beautiful blue dress and also makes her up well. On the evening when the girl reaches home, her mother couldn't believe hereyes. How good her daugher is, she amazes and she curses herself for not taking proper care of her kid. On the very second, she cleans her house. Herhusband comes home and they together clean their house. Daily they dress up the girl and send her to school. Meanwhile they repair their fence andplant trees.Looking at them, their immediate neighbours begin to work. Then the people of the street and the whole slum also gets changed. This made news andalso the municipal authorities sanctioned funds and helped them in their efforts to make their surroundings clean and maintain healthy atmosphere.The news spread and that way village after village, town after town, city after city developed

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