Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who is the Real Culprit?

The Culprit

The Republic of the Philippines

Versus Rolando Madlang Bayan

Criminal Case No._______

..............…………… Yes your honor I am Rolando Madlang Bayan docked in Criminal Case No. 27890 for multiple murders and drug trafficking. Yes, I pledge to the crimes I do not intend to deny. Come sentence me to the ultimate capital punishment I deserved but I beg you to listen to me.

This is how it happened. Many years ago in an obscure village, a healthy boy was born to a woman who had a name in a flicker Ville. My father was a man who had a name to himself. I was the fruit of their secret relationship. After my birth my mom got back to the world of make believed just to accept many more rejections. Offers started to come just as little and all her misfortunes were charged to my unexpected coming. She called me a jinx, her misfortune, her failure. Until one time she died of overdose of sleeping pills. Her untimely death added to my sufferings. My own father disowned me for a reason he alone knows. Society condemned me. The pang of rejection was even bitter. I started on my own. Living the hard way until I found myself hooked in the business of drug trafficking.

You brand me as evil, but have you ever tried to give me the chance to live decently? You call me wicked but has it ever crossed your mind that you too had a share in shaping me into a hoodlum?

During the pitiful night, there was a raid. We were surrounded by men in uniform. From my place I know the man who led the raiding team was the man responsible for my birth ….. MY OWN DAD…… I could have killed him that very night. I could have vindicated the injustice he had done but blood is thicker than water… I made a painful decision. I surrender and handed him my revolver, I know I would answer for the many crimes of murder I had done but I am sure with my decision my father will earn another feather in his cap. It would mean a promotion for him.

Your honor, now on you hands lie the verdict. Who is real Culprit? The man who sold prohibited drugs to sustain a living or the man who turned his back from responsibility? The man charged of multiple murders or the decorated man who led me to his horrible crime?

Source: Rhetoric’s and Speech communication

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