Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Two men were traveling on the same trail to a city noted with legends that's filled with gold, silver and all the wonders beyond belief. They were determined to reach this place that every effort was filled with vigor and enthusiasm. Having the same motive and destination made them become close friends. It would not be an enjoyable trip if one is traveling alone by himself.

At the beginning of their journey, they came across a sign post put by the people of the city surely indicating that they were on the right track of their destination. The post is made of gold, silver and adorned with decorative artistry.

For awhile they admired the sign post and traveler A said to the traveler B that admiring the post is enough and they should move on. However, traveler B was hesitant and quite not in the mood to go on. He then said to traveler A, "The sign post is so wonderful and it pleases me to stay much longer."

Traveler A went ahead on leaving behind his friend who was crazily admiring the sign post. As he moved on, he came across another sign post guiding him to his destination. The sign post is more beautiful with exquisite gem stones. He hang around admiring the post for a few moments before moving on towards the direction the sign post had pointed to. Then past few miles down the trail, there's another sign post that's more intricate than the first two.

Finally, traveler A reached the famous city and as the legend have predicted, it has vast decorative artistry and full of beauty. He stayed for a few days but in spite of the inspirational and wonderful sights of the city, he earnestly yearned for the moments moving on through the trail of his journey. So he kept going and as he moved on, he discovered more new sights and sign posts. Surely, he was very delighted with his joyful journey.

However, traveler B who was left behind got bored admiring the first sign post, and quit the journey. He decided to go back home, living in solitary loneliness and extreme sadness. He ended up going nowhere to explore.

Reflection: In our journey of life, there are sign posts that we are obsessed with. It could be our job or career, a relationship, the people or our friends, our lifestyle and religion or something that stunts our personal development. But whatever sign posts we pursue devotedly right now, we have to step beyond it and leave it behind to find out what we can find next. Regardless of the sign posts you are focusing on right now and the longer you look, the more sluggish you become. No matter how beautiful the sign posts, they're just there to show you the direction. You need to move on, develop and grow immensely.

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