Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hitler's body guard

One of Hitler's body guards, Kurt Wagner, was on his way to a bridge to commit suicide. His god (Hitler) was gone, his home had been destroyed, his city was in shambles. He was seen by a friend, not knowing what was on Kurt's mind, who invited him to go to the YMCA for a doughnut and cup of coffee. Kurt did, and there he found a copy of God's Simple Plan of Salvation on the arm of an upholstered chair in the lounge.

First, he read it with disdain, knowing it came from the USA. Then, he read it with some interest. Then, he read it many times, and fell under deep conviction. He held it up and called out: "Is there anyone here who can help me understand this tract?" A Methodist minister was in the YMCA and heard his plea. He took the tract and led Kurt to the Lord.

Kurt went to Bible school and seminary. He became the pastor of two Methodist churches in the suburbs of Frankfurt. He built a four story building to take wayward young men off the streets and to reach them for the Lord.

My father went to visit Kurt in 1956. They were thrilled to pray together and rejoice in the things of the Lord. In 1960, a family in our church contacted Kurt to visit their 18-year-old soldier boy stationed in Frankfurt and who was out of fellowship with the Lord. This young man could hardly believe his eyes. He told Kurt: "All my life I have heard the name of Kurt Wagner, saved through reading the tract my pastor had written and now here you are in my presence trying to get me back to the Lord." It worked. This young man is now 55 and is serving the Lord in a church here in Indianapolis.

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