Tuesday, May 11, 2010

As I love you for you.

Love is the greatest gift of life,
Love is the greatest bond,
Between a husband and wife.
Love is unbelievable,
Love is humble,
Love is a golden gamble,
Love is life's symbol.
Love is mysterious,
Love is hilarious,
Its power enormous.
Love is the greatest trial of life,
While taking life's test drive,
Love is the single element,
In any moment to hold on to survive.
Love is smile,
Love is a mother's strength,
Love is a father's pride,
Love is a friend's support,
Love is united kindness,
Love is compassion,
Love is affection.
Love is the greatest joy of life,
Give love, do not deprive,
Without it, we shall not strive on!
Love is for friends,
Love is for family,
Love is for lovers,
Love is for all.
Love me for me,
As I love you for you.

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