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Real Story - BE YOURSELF

She heard the dripping of droplets clearly. By the time she woke up from her bed, the light was isolating itself to the west. Her heart cried for missing the joy of witnessing the showers.
She walked out of her room ,
She stood staring at the sky which seemed to look like a canvass?.with a mixture of magnificent colours. She kept glaring at it. She watched silently the birds turning to their nests?

She walked towards her favorite tree , which was blessed with majestic, elegant, blue flowers?which seemed to look like a blue cloak over a green robe. The gentle breeze made the droplets touch her soft, shinning, pretty face.

She had a queer sensation. Suddenly there came a voice from inside?. ?Kala???it was her mother?she ran inside, leaving her dream land?.

Now about Kala? she is this calm, quite and shy typical Indian girl. She was short, a bit plump , with a fair complexion and curly thick hair. She loved everything around her, she was a great lover of nature. She always loved to stay in world of books and admirable nature? she found more intimacy in these? Kala always preferred to spend her time in the ?Kaavu? (this is a place were there is a tradition of feeding the serpents which is believed to be one of the gods)many were scared to go inside kaavu but Kala always loved to go to the there ?.kaavu was filled with trees whose branches seems to extend till the sky.. and from those branches a few rope like structures hung down ? these made the area look dark and eerie .. Kala glared at them and conversed with the little birds seated on those branches?and the most important of all, the statue of Naga Raja where she often offered milk was placed below these branches.
One fine morning as Kala walked across the kaavu she heard a lovely music and in order to hear it clearly she walked deep into the kaavu?as she was waking she saw a beautiful stream with a few rocks, over which the water gushed? she sat beside the stream admiring her reflection. She wasn?t aware of the hours passing? suddenly she saw a terrifying reflection of a vague dark image passing? it moved towards her, she stood petrified?

With a shudder Kala got up from her bed and realized it to be just a dream but it was a terrific one? Kala was surprised because she had never had such a scary and terrific dream?it was nothing but a warning..

There came the end of her summer holidays. She had to part her home and every single thing she was engrossed in and get back to the pavilion. June 5th ,the day which Kala prayed should never come finally arrived. ?Kala?? there came a voice from outside?. It was Paru Kala?s best friend who was her neighbor too.
One has to cross a paddy field to reach Paru?s house. Paru was a tall girl with tanned complexion and a straight silky hair which extended bellow her hip?she always platted her dark silky long hair.. A red thread was always tied on her right hand.. these also in a way added to her beauty . Her large, round enormous eyes twinkled looking at Kala
Kala took her school bag and her mother cried from inside ?Kala take your umbrella? she took it and walked out of the house in a hurry wearing her foot wears. They walked across the paddy fields and walked past the muddy area. Nearing the school premises they heard the school bell ring? they ran inside the school as the assembly was about to start? the school?s top ranker stood for the pledge.. followed by the slogams ,the school had in its curriculum to by heart the slogams which were a way to seek wisdom and blessings from almighty and it was followed by the national anthem? the students sang them in chorus.. at the stroke of ?jaya jaya jaya hey? the electric bell gave out its loud scream?.
The students marched towards their class rooms in rows. The primary section from classes 1-5 were in A block in the 1st floor. The students entered the respective class rooms. Paru shared her bench with Kala. Kala had two more friends Kousu and Suba , though they weren?t as close as Paru all the four spent their time together in school.
The Model High school was the only school with quality education in the town of Vishvapuram. The classes began, the teachers proceeded with their usual protocol of inspecting the holiday home works. After the completion of this procedure the teacher proceeded with her usual advice about the difficultly of the present academic year, no matter whether its 5th grade or 10th grade the warnings are one and the same? at present the warnings were about the hardships that students face during their 5th grade. The teacher started ? look students you may think 5th std is very easy just like 3rd and 4th std, but its not so. You need to really work hard and your midterm tests marks will also be counted during your final exam? this was followed by a dramatic cry of the students. But all these never disturbed Kala and her friends , they were happy as long as the play materials are available to them.
Thus the 1st reopening day of school passed away. Kala and her friends walked together towards the gate.. their discussion started with, covering their notebooks and text books which they loved to do, as we all do so. Three years passed swiftly. Kala is now a grown up girl of 13 yrs the most crucial period in a person?s life.. rather than a crucial period it is a time when every single thing in the world seems colourful and wonderful, especially in a girl?s life, it is a wonderful one were the hormones start playing their roles efficiently. This is said to be the grooming period in a person?s life this age of adolescence determines our character and shapes a person as a whole..
There came a telegram with a shocking news, it was a transfer letter stating.. Kala?s father?s transfer to the city of Madras? Kala after hearing the news ran to her room and locked herself inside, in order to hide her tears. This was something that she couldn?t just take. An entirely different world?entirely different from Vishvapuram .
After a few weeks , the day of parting finally arrived , a cab stood before Kala?s house. As Kala was about to get inside the cab Paru came panting?Kala burst out in tears after looking at Paru. The dreadful fate made the two inseparable friends to part. Both stood blank.. with tears in their eyes. Without a word , but hundreds in mind Kala walked towards the cab. She lowered the glasses and turned to waive. She never took back her eyes until paru?s figure disappeared.
The Madras Mail stopped on platform No 3, Kala?s heart silently cried for parting Vishvapuram once for all. The siren sound was heard and the station master waived his green flag the train was all set to leave. Kala?s eyes were swollen she was hardly able to see anything?she fell fast asleep owing to the cradle like movement of the train.
The train reached Madras at exactly 8.30 am. Kala and her family moved towards the new house allotted for them in Chetpet a prime area in the big city of Madras. Every single thing here was contrary to that of Vishvapuram , she was indeed shocked to see a place without any paddy fields or anything related to nature. There were no paddy fields instead there were only roads and the never ending traffic, the polluted air and the pungent smell from the vehicles replaced the fragrance of flowers ,. It was completely a different world that Kala found here.
Kala was put in a residential school for the education factor and due to the possibilities of transfers for her father. St.Xaviour International school located in the outskirts of Madras known for its discipline , reputed results and also its standard of education.
The uniform prescribed was a maroon checked skirts and white shirts with a maroon tie and a belt with the school?s name engraved on it, and a pair of white ankle line socks and black shoes. Kala walked towards her dormitory she met an entirely different world there. She slowly walked towards her bed there came a voice from behind ?hey you!!? it was her senior Tania. Tania is a student of std XI , she was financially very sound but unfortunately character wise too poor , she was a typical groomed city girl. Kala frightened ,timidly walked towards Tania and her gang of friends. ?where are you from?? one of her friends asked, she timidly replied ?Vishvapuram?? ?hahahahaha funny name have you ever heard of one like that ? Another replied ?hey chuck it dude it must be some damn village?.. totally humiliated by this treatment Kala ran towards her bed.

The next day she entered her class room for the first time. She some how was able to find a friendly soul. Neethi , she had got a transfer from her residential school in Ooty due to her misconduct and using money and influence she in a way managed to get into this school. She accumulated a few more friends who were equally corrupted.
They took advantage over Kala and purely used her for the academic purpose but poor Kala wasn?t able to realize all these she believed them blindly. Things which they did were really wrong but her mentality completely changed that she was ready to accept and support them. She started liking and enjoying their company, though outwardly their friendship towards Kala seemed sincere, their intentions were venomous which Kala failed to realize?
She failed to realize that this was the caution that came as a warning in form of a dream
Finally she was trapped in this bad company without even realizing their inner intentions

There came the cursed night? as soon as the lights were off Neethi and her friends sneaked out of the hostel?Neethi said in a suppressed voice ?guys listen up I have got a few cigarettes and a bottle of vodka why don?t we try them? her other friends except Kala were excited about it and were ready to try them. Kala refused to get into this.. Neethu started ? c?mon as if no one does it.. just give it a try..? one among them gave her comment ?chuck it man if she doesn?t have the guts to do, leave her a villager will always be a villager we can never change them?.. Ego started playing its nasty role in Kala?s mind and she accepted to take it? to take the sweet coated poison

All of a sudden they heard the sound of footsteps.. it was their Warden , by this time Kala was out of her senses and the others put the entire blame on her, this resulted in a dismissal letter from the principal. Kala ?s parents were called , there is nothing worse than that to happen in a truthful daughter?s life. That was the first time Kala realized her mistake and was repentant for what she had done and the shame she had brought for her parents. Her heart craved for getting back to her same old village , the old pure village with all its purity and sanctity .
Her parents also accepted to take her back to Vishvapuram? but Kala was countered by a shock there. Vishvapuram was completely changed and transformed.. the paddy fields were replaced by large houses , kaavu her favorite place was completely demolished and replaced by Shiva?s temple. The beautiful birds, the lovely stream where she spent almost an entire day and admire the moon lit night? but they were no more? and the most important of all her dear friend Paru who had also left Vishvapuram.
She went in search of her dear friend paru, after knowing that she had moved to another town after her marriage, which was a few kilometers away from Vishvapuram... She stepped into the low roofed, little pretty house, filled with plants, down the lane. As she entered the house she heard a kid crying, paru came running out of the kitchen. Both friends exchanged their looks , they stood blank without knowing what to talk. In the case of these two inseparable friends, though they were parted geographically. Their true friendship got them back
Paru narrated her story of early marriage with her cousin. Though it seemed a bit worrying in the beginning it turned out to be a peaceful and happy life thereafter.. Kala was very happy to hear that.. after having a cup of hot coffee Kala started to leave and promised to keep in touch with her dear friend through letters..
Though Kala felt happy for paru , somewhere in the corner of her heart she cried for her presence.. perhaps the very common selfish thought which each one of us have inside us and which is left behind unseen? on her way back she was deeply drowned in her thought.. all the events flashed through her mind like old photographs, she missed her old village terribly
People may call the transformation, Urbanization and development , but these have grabbed from many of us ,things which may seem simple and nothing to others but the real precious and valuable ones to many of us.. those priceless petty joys , none can compensate the loss of those..
Each one of us would have had the similar experiences like those of Kala though not to this extreme but in a way similar ones, in some point of our life.. I feel the best way to keep out of all these is to BE YOURSELF

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