Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bloody Mirror

Bloody Mirror!
I don't why know why I am here?!

I could see him. To be precise, I could see his reflection in the mirror. I was at the door. Watching what was happening! He had a deba knife in his hand, covered with blood at the tip and edge. He was holding my wife from collar; blood was showering from her throat. I was just out of my mind, maybe I was jammed right there. I don't remember what exactly I was thinking to do. Maybe, the scene was more than horrifying for me!

All I was trying to do was, have a glance of his face, the face that is going to be the reason for me to live in this world after my wife's death. Sweat drops were running all over my body. Maybe, I was crying too! I can remember that I was screaming when I was crying, I've no idea why that man didn't notice me screaming!

As I said, all I was trying to do was, look at his face. Look at his shitty face. One glance and I'll rip him off in parts. But his face was totally covered with blood, my wife's blood! His goddamn face was covered with my wife's blood.

I remember I'd fought with my wife the day before this incident; and yes, it was a serious one..but after all, she was my wife, she was all I had. The feeling of revenge was running like hell in my body. I could not wait to see that face, the face behind that blood!
And in a moment, that knife rose again and I closed my eyes. I heard my wife's scream. I can imagine her eyes rolling up, turning all white, slowly shivering body stopping reacting to the attack, few teardrops..mixed up with the sweat drops....

I opened my eyes; I was still screaming maybe! That man's hands were shivering too. I could see the knife, colored completely red. More blood on that bloody face. And then, to end my frustration, he threw his knife away-screaming-he rose his hand up; getting it to his face. He started getting rid of the blood. Maybe, the blood was irritating him as well. I was just a moment away to identify him. Just a moment away!
One more time he swaps his face and all I?d see is, his goddamn face! And he did it. All I was thinking was who?s he?! And it was my turn to drop my jaw; I wasn?t able to believe it! My mind was refusing to accept the massage sent by my eyes. It was the face that was with me since my birth. That was the face which had laughed with me..cried with me..smiled with my pleasure and had dropped tears with my sorrow....I was completely out of my mind, looking in that mirror which was also covered with my wife's blood now. The scene in that bloody mirror is going live with for my entire life; it was my face!

I can remember a sudden stroke in my upper back and my forehead. I don't remember anything after that. Maybe, I felt down with a total blackout. And all this note is filled with a hell lot of 'maybe's..a hell lot of 'maybe's..and the reason for all these 'maybes' is, I cannot say anything precisely! It seems like a whole bloody dream. But no, the feeling of sitting in a cell with many other criminals, the feeling of rats running over your legs and the cops shouting out loud cannot lie.

I still don't know why I am here?! Maybe the face in that bloody mirror was not mine, or maybe it was all mine and no one else's but mine! mirror..all I can do is, cursing that bloody mirror!

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