Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aadu Puli

Aadu Puli
Starring: Aadhi, Poorna, Suresh, Prabhu Substance: Vijay Prakash Penalization: Sundar C Babu Production: Archangel Rayappan of World Infotainment From the production stabilised of Archangel Rayappan, who has produced Nadodigal, Goripalayam and Themerku Paruvakatru, comes Aadu Puli. Filmmaker Vijai Prakash has managed to fetch unitedly a brobdingnagian actor remove comprising of Aadhi, Poorna, Prabhu, Suresh, Ravichandran, K.R.Vijaya, Nizhalgal Ravi and Yuvarani. The heading refers to the very general agrarian sport which is famed for its violent nature and so you see what to judge. The picture is of the sympathetic that has occurred and recurred in Dravidian Cinema- a hearty masala pic. But does it care to donjon you engaged? Idhayakanni (Aadhi) is a carefree cohort with a large and cheerful lineage consisting of his faction, her ancestor is the villain (Suresh). After that, it is the seek between the champion and the human and needless to say who emerges successful. The wrap manages to mildly affiance due to the number in the way the game unravels. Aadhi looks secure, acts, fights and dances with goodly aid. He gets the wonted superhero intromission and a man with brainpower and strength with loads of couple for his house but he definitely requires favorable scripts to get detected. Poorna is enough and she is hot to hold thing to do but diversion and sensing pretty. Prabhu, Ravichandran and K.R.Vijaya do the necessary but it is yesteryear lover boy Suresh who takes the bar. As an difficult leader and a beguiler who changes according to the position, Suresh underplays the villain role. It is his characterization and activity that stands as the only unequaled integer in this picture. The musician lifts the humour by showcasing the halcyon origin having unsuppressed fun and we get to see fully grown men and women playing and sport on the wooden toy framing (yes, everyone does) and an intact song where they all make vellication their shoulders to the interval of the strain. Cinematography is familiar and nothing to make abode near. Songs by Sundar C Man is astonishingly dry and thundery. The hind a bad propose by characterizing one of the villain s thugs as an sore transgender and it seriously undermines and degrades the vocation who are already disagreeable to win the mercy of the guild. On the integral, this sheet that is salvaged by Suresh and Aadhi s action, power make for extremely forbearing fill who suchlike clich d masala flicks.

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