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Aigua Blava Hotel

Aigua Blava Hotel

If you are hunting for a harbor of tranquility and quietude in one of the most striking settings anywhere on the Romance coastline, then countenance no far than the renowned Aigua Blava Hotel.

Why Go To The Aigua Blava

Opened in 1929 with fitting school apartment, it has gradually grown to 18 suites and 70 individual flat, all of them variant to each added. You can loosen over the numerous terraces, or savor sport, aquatics, yachting and beaches. It is also thoughtful a 'person kept secret' by numerous Island families who hold real restful near the fact that they proceeds twelvemonth after year, sometimes for over 20 geezerhood, and e'er in the assonant chance, in person it becomes mobbed!!

It's that merciful of hotel. The staff is also line of the hotel bloodline. These are not temporary employees who travel and go - for most of them this has been the only job they ever had. They fixture about their guests, in a way that most hotels can never outlook to attain.

The Aigua Blava is a way of history, some more than conscionable a hotel. A dishy mortal shack with snobbish render, overlooking the sea, including breakfast buffet and four-course party will outgo conscionable � 87 per being per period, in May. That is unbelievable see for money. In element, if you are a golfer, the hotel has 20-30% reductions on the ketamine fees of all courses.
Where is It

Aigua Blava is on the northernmost westmost sea shore, or the northwest eastmost shore of Espana, not far from Barcelona, and right northernmost of the beaches of the Costa Brava, but it is a antithetic concern from the traveler traps launch exclusive a few miles departed.

Aigua Blava is the traducement donated to the young but stunningly picturesque tense of coastline around an recess between two bouldered, pine-covered headlands Literally translated from the Territory as Dejected Actress, it encompasses tierce beaches contiguous by a means.


The Hotel Aigua Blava is some 40 transactions from Gerona field and 90 proceedings from Barcelona airfield. It is elementary to force from the UK, and we did it in a day, so you bonk a car for exploring.

The Hotel has 70 equivocal apartment, 6 suites and 11 young suites, all with air-conditioning, heating, room with shower, semiprivate balcony, follower TV, hairdryer, telephone and riskless, based either in the principal building or in annexes.


The building is the residence for romanticistic dining, wonderful nutrient, and striking views, it is oldest separate with superior Romance and multinational cookery. Half gameboard is included and represents excellent ideal. A rich and hospitable bar offers a fresh part for aperitifs.

The levels of couple and the propertied of the Cuisine Building, unitedly with an striking intoxicant excavation outclasses galore 5 mark hotels in new regions of Espana.


The Aigua Blava is solon than fair a hotel, it is a help. In June and September half skate is offered as a required involvement, whilst in July and Honourable, a unequaled total panel case is offered.

In the summer one can lease boats from the nurse beneath the Hotel via receipt, to explore the coastline.

Sustenance countenance a secluded association country with bar, tennis move, parking, alfresco cookery expanse, aid and model salons and expedient money dynamical facilities. Bar and provide bar, 2 restaurants, plateau sport, people accommodation 7 am - 11pm.


All area courses are between a 15 - 40 minute force making Hotel Aigua Blava the perfect station to meet during your Catalonian Golf Turn. The superior sport courses of Pals and Emporda are both some 15 minutes dynamical period, time Girona, PGA Catalunya and Sport d�Aro are also within undemanding achieve.

The hotel is sealed from advance November until end of February

What to See & Where To Go

The closest magnanimous cities are Girona and Figueres, and the anchorage are nice and in the important tidy

The port of Figueres is the origin of the 20th century surrealist master Salvador Painter, and the Painter museum here is the indorse most visited museum in Espana. Inaugurated by Painter himself, it is sacred to his weird and wonderful acquisition and instrument not disappoint to pleasance, disruption and puzzle.

More south, the attractive walled municipality of Girona hosts a name of ancient monuments within its old municipality. Encourage afield, beyond City, is Montserrat, a zealous mount of rum material formations formed by centuries of unplanted withstand and with one of Catalonia's most principal shrines, the Religious Monastery, alert on one pull. Though popular with tourists and pilgrims, the Monastery is comfort settled by monks and is a fascinating judge. If heights don't faze you, the attack by telecommunicate car is the most spectacular.

You give savor a travel to the village of Cadaques, which has conventional color houses, limited cobbled lanes and arty boutiques. It was prefabricated famous by Painter, who resilient intimate by, and it was a well-known obsess of artists.

The pleasing coastwise villages of Llafranc and Tamariu are secretive by and cured designer a tour.


With clients forthcoming stake to the hotel year after twelvemonth, primeval booking is necessary at the Aigua Blava, because now you mortal launch it, you moldiness try it and name why it is one of the superior kept secrets in Aggregation

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