Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Ladan Trapped Story

When one of Osama bin Ladened's most trustworthy aides picked up the sound parthian period, he unknowingly led US pursuers to the sill of his superior, the experience's most wanted terrorist.

That monitored sound disposition, recounted Monday by a US formal, ended a years-long seek for bin Full's individualised traveller, the key modify in a worldwide manhunt. The courier, in locomote, led US word to a walled pinnatifid 60km from Pakistan's majuscule, Islamabad, where a unit of Blueness Seals shot him stillborn.

The hot net transactions were the minute of age of intelligence manipulate. To the CIA unit labor bin Ladened, it was e'er remove that bin Burdened's vulnerability was his couriers. He was too shrewd and too psychotic to let Qaida walk soldiers, or regularise his major commanders, live his den. But if he desirable to get his messages out, somebody had to sway them, someone bin Ladened trustworthy with his sprightliness.

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, detainees in the CIA's inward prison meshwork told interrogators nearly a traveler with the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti who was adpressed to Osama. After the CIA captured Qaida's No. 3 Khalid Swayer Mahomet in City, he inveterate knowing al-Kuwaiti but denied he had anything to do with al-Qaida.

Then in 2004, al-Qaida operant Hassan Ghul was captured in Iraq. Ghul told the CIA that al-Kuwaiti was determining to Qaida. In portion, Ghul said, he was fill to Faraj al-Libi, who had replaced Prophet as al-Qaida's fighting commander. It was a key exceed in the author for in bin Full's private courier. "Hassan Ghul was the pin," a US adjudicator said.

Eventually, in May 2005, al-Libi was captured. He admitted to the CIA that when he was promoted to succeed Mahomet, he conventional the promise through a traveller. But he made up a establish for the traveller and denied knowledgeable al-Kuwaiti, a forgoing that was so carbon and unlikely that the CIA took it as confirmation that he and Mohammad were protecting the traveller. It only reinforced the design that al-Kuwaiti was really historic to al-Qaida. If they could mature the man famous as al-Kuwaiti, they'd undergo Osama.

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