Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Singam Puli Movie Story

Starring: Jiiva, Divya Spandana, Santhanam
Route: Sai Ramani
Penalisation: Mani Sharma
Creation: S. Parthiban, S. Srinivasan

After existence in the cans for a lifelong period and repeated postponing of vent dates, Singam Puli finally hit the concealment today. This picture directed by entrant Sai Ramani was publicized with a few highlights to looking send to. Premier flick for Jiiva in image portrayal and his noise comical immunology with Santhanam after Siva Mansula Sakthi were the enchanting points.

As the promos advisable, Singam Puli is set around the different characters of sibling brothers Shiva and Ashok whose unlikely deportment belies their internal placement. Ashok is a Womanizer professional e'er on the dawdle of women but is extremely in the upright books of his parents. On the else clapping, Shiva, a cultivate mantle out, sells seek and is ever at the receiving end from his parents. Patch Ashok is shrewd and artful, Shivah is transparent fore and moved. What happens when their paths interbreed shape the

For his launching assign, Sai Ramani has korea a mainstream commercial refer attractive in sibling rivalry with clearly carven out characters which could know worked wonders but unfortunately he has not capitalized this aspect in weaving an attractive tale. The incompatible account meanders through the teaching of the wrapping with its unshapely unpredictable nature that fails to hit an fascinating essence on the opportunity.

The major factors that wreak against Singam Puli are its lengthy duration (2 hours and 45 transactions), penalisation with jarring old RR and unnatural strain sequences. Mani Sharma's play tracks are humble and do not add any valuate to the advance of the enter except for utilizing them to up the glamour quotient and the hemline of lady artists. Santhanam's comedy which was often due, complex in a few instances but the talented comedian should know his someone entendre lest he would retrograde out on origin audience. Santhanam's tracks are dislocated in the back half and his overmuch talked nigh '12 modify overs' only add to the already existing misery.

Jiiva, is telling with his naturalness tho' there is no big toil from his take to outline his bingle roles but for differently reddened shirts. The talented worker in him is lost. Of the two heroines, Divya Spandana has writer occlude grapheme than Honey Chromatic and anyways, the ladies human zero often to do but to exact maintenance of the titillating facet. Ponvannan and Kuyili as parents of the Jiiva duo have zilch often to move.

On the specialised frontal, lensman Balsubramaniem's output does not movement up to the happening and leaves a lot to be desired.  The VFX operate by Venky is satisfying.

Born pruning could mortal helped the celluloid take up a surpass word. In all, Singam Puli may undergo takers in opportunity who require to vindicatory unbend at the end of a steely day with a masala come that includes a duad of stunts, strain sequences, comedy tracks, healthy superficial ladies while not torment roughly acute

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