Sunday, March 27, 2011

Featured gear: Audio Research Reference 610T

Featured gear: Audio Research Reference 610T


When the Reference 600 Power Amplifier was introduced in 1995 it set a new standard for High Definition® in music reproduction.
Like its predecessors, the 610T monoblock is based upon a push-pull, fully balanced vacuum-tube circuit using 6550C output tubes (16 in all). But unlike the earlier models, the 610T uses two 6550C driver tubes, each controlling a bank of eight output tubes operating in unison.
In addition to its innovative architecture and owner-friendly functionality, the REF610T sets new sonic standards as well. Just as the REF3 preamplifier provides remarkably clear sonic improvements over its predecessor, the REF2MKII, the improvements of the 610T over the older 600MKIII series are just as great, and of a similar quality. Transient speed, dynamic impact, soundstage focus and liquidity of detail are all remarkably improved. You will not have previously experienced a vacuum-tube amplifier capable of this level of resolution and control over any loudspeaker system. From massive dynamics to subtle nuance, solo voice to massed chorus, the 610T will likely never meet a commercial recording it can't handle with aplomb and deliver with musical passion - especially when driven by its Reference partner, the Reference 3 Preamplifier.

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