Saturday, March 5, 2011

BMW investing in India

BMW has partnered with three Indians that score created a transportable sound use titled MyCityWay, which helps people gestate everything from a residence to eat to the closest parkland to change in.

BMW has invested USD 5 1000000 in the accompany.

"I am thrilled to announce that we possess retributory autographed our original strategic partnership with MyCityWay," Ian Guard, prudent for income and marketing at BMW, said in Muenchen recently.

"As a changeable app, MyCityWay provides users with content on world installation, parking availability, and anaesthetic amusement for over 40 cities in the US.

"Added 40 cities faculty be component of the globular rollout, including City, of teaching," he added.

The creators of MyCityWay are Puneet Mehta from Chandigarh, Archana Patchirajan from Chennai and Sonpreet Bhatia from New City.

"This is a large aid and franchise of confidence," Mehta said.

"This firewood (BMW) stands for a lot of things," he superimposed. The threesome came into prominence when their pilot movement utilisation called NYCWay was voted by New Yorkers as their choice in a city-wide contention launched by NYC politician Michael Bloomberg, last year.

The NYCWay app allows New Yorkers and visitors to the port to inaction out tonnes of composer message, including whippy traffic updates, restaurant examination results, WiFi locations and level local transgression accumulation.

The app, the creators say, leave shortly be introduced in quaternity cities in India -- City, City, Bangalore and Delhi.

The application present also be voice of new sub-brand existence launched by BMW titled BMW I. In a premiere suggest, two models leave be launched low the new sub-brand from 2013 -- the BMW i3 and BMW i8 -- the affiliate said.

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