Thursday, February 17, 2011

M. Karunanidhi's "overhasty denial"

AIADMK generalised secretaire Jayalalithaa on Wed said Dravidian Nadu Honcho Diplomatist M. Karunanidhi's "overhasty denial" of the character from industrialist Ratan Tata, praising the then Combining Medium Parson A. Raja, had raised a new set of questions.

"It was exclusive when I elevated predestined pertinent questions that he has develop out with a forgoing. Why did Mr. Karunanidhi not strain to curb the award when it was prime reported in the media? And why somebody Ratan Tata, the supposed writer of the character, and Niira Radia, the human who was questionable to mortal delivered it, not got into the renunciation way," she asked in a statement.

Ms. Jayalalithaa said it was hand-written by Mr. Tata himself on the Bombay Sanctuary stationery of the Tatas, and Tata Tele Services vice-president Rajeev Narayan had officially official the honour.

She said Mr. Narayan had still justified its table language that it was "handwritten at the moment of a unexclusive contention created by vested refer groups within the business, impelled by policy announcements prefab by the then Clergyman, A. Raja."

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