Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Strange Domain

Birthdays reminds me of the countdown to enter the strange domain of death.Once your soul enters there u never exists. The things I collected with fondness ,the idol of Lord Krisha where I daily offer the garland of Tulsi,The gifts that my sweet heart presented me, The little cartoons my daughters drawn and presented for my bday,and everthing that I kept close to my heart will endure, but not me. There will be tears on my little daughters face. My
beloved will be weeping inside.But still the world will go on, tears will dry up from my loved ones faces and things will fall back in to their normal position as usual in due course of time.Later I will end up as a photo to decorate our drawing room.Both my daughters will pray in front of it before leaving to school, On my special days they will garlamd me with aromatic jamine flowers, he will sit on the sofa and watch me with a turbulent mind, and myself will be there in a world , far away from them, that even their dream cannot reach , will be praying for them so that everything good on earth may shower up on them.!!! Oh god keep all the happiness for them and fill all the unhappiness in me!!!!


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