Friday, August 20, 2010


Pepsi Dog lived in a beautiful colony. His master took care of him. He bathed him with soap, gave him good food to eat and a ride in his car.

The stray dogs of the town were jealous of him. Many extended a hand of friendship towards him. But he barked at them and shooed them away. To tease him, the stray dogs went close to him and called him Bhoonku and came back.

One day, Tinku, Sonu, Bunti and Monu dogs went to the bungalow where Pepsi lived and peeped inside the gate.

Earlier, when they did that, Pepsi came out barking at them at the slightest sound and if the gate was opened by chance, he made them run. But that day he did not come.

Banti asked his friends, "What is the matter Today, Bhoonku has not come?"

"Who knows? Maybe, he has gone out somewhere. The car is not seen too. He is enjoying," Tinku said.

"Listen carefully, somebody is calling out faintly from inside. It must be Bhoonku," Monu guessed.

"Come on, let us see. Maybe, Bhoonku is not well," and Monu entered the gate.

His friends too followed him. The sound was coming from behind the house. The dogs quickly went behind where they saw two men shoving Pepsi away in a sack.

"Bhoonku is in trouble. These people are taking him away somewhere. We must help him. The house is deserted. The owner has gone some where," Tinku said.

"What should we do?" Bunti asked.

"Attack! Bite them all," Tinku asserted.

And they all pounced upon the two men. The thieves could not take control and were bruised badly. They fled.

After that Bunti took out Pepsi from the sack and untied his feet.
"Friends, forgive me. Though I did not behave well with you, you saved me from the thieves. I will always be grateful.
"You all are my friends from today. Come on, shake hands," Pepsi offered one of his front limb for friendship.

The stray dogs too promptly extended their front legs. They loved it.

"Where is your master?" Tinku asked.

"He was playing with me when his master rang him with some important work. He did not even shut the door. I was resting when two men came and nabbed me. Pepsi narrated, "They would have sold me somewhere. I am saved. Please sit here, I will bring some food for you."

"No, on some other time. We are happy that you have made us your friend," Bunti said.

"With comforts I had become arrogant. I will now never hate anyone and will live happily with all. You keep coming, we will play and yes, take a ride in the car too," Pepsi said.

The dogs jumped with happiness. Then bidding bye to Pepsi, they left. They were happy that they had done a good deed.

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