Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Best Friend forever

My story is about my best friend, his name is VK.

The first time I saw him, was when he was walking on the opposite side of the street, we were both walking up to the same school. That was when I first noticed


I found some sort of attraction towards him, and

slowly, I felt myself having feelings for him. Yet, I

still didn't know anything about him.

As a year went by, I was invited to join a group of

girls. The main leader of the group was a girl name

'Sara'. Together, we were all great friends. It was

then that I knew VK from Sara. But I found out that VK

had feelings for Sara.

As time went by, I slowly got to communicating with

VK, this was whenever Sara was around, and that was

how we slowly knew each other. However, six months

later, Sara transferred to another school. That was

many years ago. And as time went by, me and VK got

closer and became friends. Then as years past, we

became the best of friends. All that was left of the

group I used to be with, was only me and VK. I had

feelings for him, but I knew I couldn't confess to him

because he still had feelings for Sara.

There have been times when I felt confused and depressed.

I tried ways of forgetting VK because I knew he would

never be mine. This was when I realised that no matter

how many guys I found to replace VK, or how many times I thought I had

succeeded in forgetting about VK, the feelings would

always come back to me and I would start all over

again, falling for him.

Sometimes, I believed that VK was my soul mate, and

that fate had brought us together. But I still knew

that wasn't true - he still had feelings for Sara.


sad thing that broke my heart, was when he told me he

believes Sara is his soul mate.

If he only knew how I felt.

As best friends, we shared many secrets that no one

knew, we shared about our pasts and I was surprised

how similar his past would be to mine. Before I knew

him, he was young and he worked at a cafe in a

city street. When I was young, I also worked at a cafe

in the same city street as his. Yesterday, I just

realised that the restaurant I have been to since a

little girl with my family, was owned by VK's Uncle.

I learned how to deal with the pain by forgetting him,

this took me a lot of months to get rid of the feeling.

But then I realised something, every year, I would

have feelings for him again and no matter how many

guys I have liked-replacing VK, I still would have

feelings for him.

VK had mentioned many times how

much he treats me like a sister, even when many people

believe we are a match.

I know that we grew up together from being teens to

mature people. We have become the best of friends

and I have seen him change from a kid into a guy that

every girl would love to have.

His birthday is coming up and I had just bought him an

expensive watch. I do not know what will happen in the

future, but I do know is that no matter how much

feeling I have towards him, I will support him in

life as we will always be best friends forever, even

when it means he will only treat me just like a sister.
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