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Good Morning Class, Today we have a new student among us, her name is

Samyuktha” announced the class teacher “Samyuktha come here, introduce

yourself to the class”

Samyuktha a 12 year old girl, with fair complexion skin and a neatly pleated

hair on either side of her head was sitting in the one corner of the class.

She slowly got up from her seat. Each one of the student in class started

staring at her. With all those stares, new faces, new city, new school, she

was scared to death. She moved slowly to where her teacher was standing and

faced the class with lowered head as if it were a punishment.

“Samyuktha introduce yourself to class. Why are you lowering your head?

Stand straight up. Don’t waste the time of the class” said teacher somewhat


“My name is Samyuktha..I..I…I know no English much..i..i..” said samyuktha

with a very feeble voice.

The whole class started giggling and started hush-hushing comments on

Samyuktha. The teacher asked Samyuktha to go back to her seat hearing the

commotion in the class and asked the class to be quite. Samyuktha almost had

tears in her eyes. She was lost in her own world for the rest of the class.

During Interval she sat alone at her desk, looking at her book but not

looking at the words but thinking about the world she left back in her small

town, Varanasi. “Hi” said a voice. Samyuktha looked up to see a girl

standing there. She was slightly dark complexioned, with a smiling face, and

had hair exactly like Samyuktha’s.

“I am Prachi, your classmate. Why are you not having lunch?” said prachi.

“a..umm..i not feeling hungry much.” replied Samyuktha.

“Why not? Common I know you felt bad when the class laughed at you. Even I

felt bad but don’t care about them. If you don’t eat, you will become sick.

Did you bring your lunch box?” said Prachi.

Samyuktha felt a sense of relief after hearing what Prachi said and started

feeling hungry too.

“Yes I brought. Will you eat with me?”asked Samyuktha..

“Yes sure. Lets go outside and eat. We will have some fresh air” said prachi

and took samyuktha’s hand and went outside the class to a playground. Both

sat and started eating together. They shared a bit of each others lunch too.

“so, you miss your old school..isnt it?” asked prachi.

“Yes a lot. I am from Varanasi. Daddy got transfer here. I got no admission

here as my English is poor but daddy gave donation and I got admission..i

will fail sure” said samyuktha sadly.

“Oh don’t be sad Samyuktha. I will help you. You will learn everything

easily. Where is your house?” asked Prachi.

“In Vasant Kunj, Phase-1” said Samyuktha. “hey even I stay in same place!”

said Prachi happily.

“Is it.” Said Samyuktha gladly.

“Yes, now don’t worry at all. We both can study together.” Said Prachi

assuring Samyuktha.

“Hey can I call you Samyu?” asked prachi..

“Yes sure, my friends in Varanasicall me with same name. I am happy” said

Samyuktha with a glitter in her eyes. Thus the friendship between Prachi and

Samyuktha started in the 6th standard/grade which grew manifold during the

years to come.

Samyuktha had an intelligent mind which needed some shining and polishing

whereas Prachi was a creative person. Samyuktha and Prachi became best

friends during their first year together itself. They were totally

inseparable. Due to them, both the families of Samyuktha and Prachi too

became good family friends. Samyuktha just about managed to clear her 6th

grade but later with Prachi’s support she became more and more confidant.

Prachi used to force Samyuktha to be a flamboyant and aggressive in school

activities which boosted Samyuktha’s inner confidence. Samyuktha overcame

all her inhibitions within few years. Prachi was very jovial and used to

crack jokes which Samyuktha cherished. The whole class used to be jealous of

their friendship. Samyuktha and Prachi both excelled with good marks in

their 12th standard and both got admission in in DelhiUniversity.

Through all these years Samyuktha became very outgoing person. She was now

no more the person which she was 6years ago. She became a smart, stylish and

trendy by the time she turned 18. Prachi on the other hand remained same.

Prachi still doted on Samyuktha and was very possessive about her. Samyuktha

started drawing lot of attention in college. Due to her looks and attitude,

boys went crazy for her on the other hand Prachi was not at all approachable

and she hardly cared about her looks. Samyuktha started loving the attention

showered on her from her classmates. She participated in a fashion

parade in College’s annual function and with that she became an instant hit

through out the college. Prachi always used to pull back Samyuktha to the

ground and asked her not to neglect her studies. Other than Prachi,

Samyuktha started having her own circle of friends in college. When Prachi

and Samyuktha were together, Samyuktha’s friends used to talk to her but

didn’t give much attention to Prachi. Samyuktha did try to mingle Prachi

with her other friends but Prachi didn’t show much interest. There were lot

of times when Samyuktha bunked her classes and Prachi used to make a copy of

notes for Samyuktha too. As Samyuktha became more and more involved in other

activities of college rather than studies, Prachi became too much involved

with her academics and had very few friends or one can say acquaintances

other than Samyuktha. During 2nd year of, Prachi and Samyuktha

started having some arguments and fights. Samyuktha wanted to enjoy the

college life with fun and being naughty sometimes. Prachi on the other hand

didn’t approve with Samyuktha’s thinking.

It was during 3rd year of college when Aakash, the 4th year student

entered Samyuktha’s life. He was supposed to be the most handsome guy of the

college. Aakash had the looks of a model with a very sexy voice due to which

he used to compere most of the college shows. Aakash came in touch with

Samyuktha through some common friends and instantly fell in love with her.

Samyuktha, was on top of the world when she came to know about Aakash’s

feelings. With Samyuktha and Aakash’s love affair going strong, Prachi

distanced more and more from Samyuktha. Prachi hated Aakash to the core and

blamed him for ruining the friendship between her and Samyuktha. Samyuktha

who was blind in love, didn’t understand the feelings of Prachi. During 3rd

and 4th year of college, Samyuktha and Prachi rarely used to spend together.

Going to each others homes became almost null. Samyuktha started suspecting

Prachi to be jealous of her on the other hand Prachi used to miss Samyuktha

and longed for her to be like her old school friend.

One day during the 4th year of her college, Prachi was alone in her room and

was crying looking at the old photos and greeting cards which she got from

Samyuktha for different occasions.

“Prachi what happened? Why are you crying?” asked Prachi’s mom with worried


“Nothing..its just that” said Prachi trying to wipe of the tears from her


“Kya hua beta..something wrong in college?” said Prachi’s mom

With that Prachi hugged her mom and started sobbing.

“arey arey..what is this..i never saw you crying this way..tell me what

happened..did Samyuktha say something to u?” asked Prachi’s mom. Prachi’s

mom observed the growing distance between Prachi and Samyuktha but she never

talked about it with Prachi.

“mom..why do people change in college..why do we get days used

to be so good” said Prachi between her sobs.

“beta..thats life..there’s a saying “the only thing which remains constant

is change” are not a small girl should understand this..going

to college, getting married, getting career, getting old..all this is part

of should learn to accept this..”said Prachi’s mom caressing p’s


“No I will never marry in my life for sure. I cannot accept tha some

outsider comes and changes other relationships in life. I will not let that

happen to my life” said Prachi strongly.

Prachi’s mom chose not to argue with her at that time and hoped time will

change her attitude towards life.

“Mom you know this year Samyu forgot to wish me on my birthday. Since that

Aakash came into her life, nothing else is important to her. And tomorrow

its her birthday and I don’t feel like wishing her either” said Prachi

“Why not..thats should wish her..if you don’t wish her there wont

be difference between you and her. May be after u wish she will realize her

mistake. You should atleast give a try to revive your old friendship.” Said

Prachi’s mom convincing Prachi to call Samyuktha.

When clock struck 12, Prachi decided to call Samyuktha and dialed her mobile

number. Her mobile was engaged. She tried calling 3-4 times more but still

her line was busy. When it was almost 12:30 A.M she thought of calling her

landline but she held back fearing everybody at her home might get

disturbed. Prachi knew that Samyuktha might be busy talking with Aakash and

hated him more. Next day Samyu didn’t turn up at college either. After

college, she went straight to Samyuktha’s house with a greeting card and a

small painting which she herself did. Samyuktha was not at home as well,

when confronted with her parents..

“Hey Prachi, Samyu is not with you?” asked Samyukhtha’s mom.

“uh…No..Infact I came here to wish her” said Prachi

“She said she will go with you to Aakash’s home. Aakash is leaving to US

today. She said she will see him off to the airport and that you will

accompany her” said samyuktha’s mother with a angry tone.

“hmm oh, actually I was late to college today..may be that’s why she went

alone” said Prachi knowing that Samyuktha would have definetly not taken her

along to meet Aakash and that she simply bluffed her parents. “Anyway aunty,

once she comes, give her this card and gift” continued Prachi.

On the way back home Prachi felt happy that Aakash is leaving Indiabut at

the same time felt bad that she was not able to wish Samyuktha personally.

Next day in the college, Prachi was eagerly waiting for Samyuktha to come.

She wanted to see how she reacted for the card and gift. As soon as

Samyuktha entered the class, everybody in the class started wishing her

belated birthday greetings. Many of them showered gifts to her. She greeted

them all with a sad smile. Prachi guessed it must be because Aakash left to

US. After that Samyuktha came to Prachi with a serious expression on her


“So, you must be very happy now?” said Samyuktha.

Prachi was puzzled, but then she immediately remembered that her parents

might have caught her lying to them. “Samyu I had no idea about your plan

yesterday” said Prachi with innocent look.

“Oh don’t be so innocent Prachi. The whole class knew I was with Aakash


Since last 5 months you never came to my house. Suddenly you came home

yesterday to spoil my day. That was your plan” accused samyuktha

Prachi was shocked with Samyuktha’s behavior and was almost in tears “No,

what will I gain with this Samyu. You are my only friend. I tried calling

you day before yesterday night to wish you at 12 but your line was

constantly busy. Yesterday nobody informed me about your plan.”

“C’mon Prachi. I know how much you are jealous of me since I met Aakash.

Prachi you should go and get some life. I never thought that you would come

down to such cheap tricks. Thanks to you my parents have stopped trusting on

me” said Samyuktha and left the class fuming.

Prachi stood there with tears and embarrassed with all the stares towards

her in the class. The whole class saw what happened between Prachi and

Samyuktha. After that incident almost everybody stopped talking to Prachi.

Prachi remained aloof from everybody even outside the college. She remained

to her self and kept herself busy with studies. After 6 months, college was

over and since then Prachi and Samyuktha never met.

Soon after graduation Prachi started searching for jobs and almost

immediately she was placed in TCS, Bangalore. Prachi didn’t knew what

happened to Samyuktha and didn’t care to find out. She moved to

Bangaloreimmediately and took an apartment all by for herself. She lived

alone. In office she used to talk with others when only it was required for

work. She was not friendly with anybody. She used to eat alone in the office

canteen. Everybody in the office used to call her with different names like

‘sadist’, ‘psycho’,’poor thing’..etc etc. Life went on.

2 years later, one fine day early in the morning at around 7:00 AM Prachi

heard the door bell.

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