Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dnt Loose Hope .

One day little girl was sitting on the road… when any car stopped on the signal she fastly moved to each n every car for some money.. Actually she was beggar’s daughter.. Everyone look down to her…. Sometimes she cursed her n did complaint to God y he sent her to earth if she had no one to love…

If she did get any money n returned home wid emptied handed. Her old father beat her n her mother… her father had drug addiction... He spent all his money in buying of drug…

That girl was too beautiful, after sometime she was 20… bt still she was beggar… she wanted to get rid of dis life bt after hard effort she was unable still…. Her father condition was getting worst day by day.. as he beat his wife n daughter was increasing day by day… he was so addicted tht one day he sold her girl to old man… tht old man was land lord who bought her… one day he came n took her wid him .. n kept her n his wife… the girl was too obedient wife tht she took care of his old husband… her husband also luv her tht he arranged a tutor 4 her proper education….. She studied hard … n she

Completed her studies at home.. one day her husband had a heart attack he died.. The girl had no one to share dis burden of loss.. again she cursed herself as unfortunate… one day she went to bed she saw in her dream tht husband came to her, he was young n dashing he said to her “ dear I am always wid u no matters tht I am nt wid u by ma soul bt am wid u n wid ur every decision by ma heart good nite dear” she woke up n 4rm next day she started to go office as she had many companies… she made an orphanage for the children, made many school who want to study bt could nt afford… she did many thing for the people properity…. In tht period her views were changed she put herself in the top of list who are happiest in dis world… she also took her mother wid her at home… she died at the age of fifty n did lot of work for the poor

Moral of the story:

Dnt loose hope

God plans alway better 4 u… don’t cursed urself cos u r too important 4 god n ur loved ones

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