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Valentine:…The late arrival

This is what happened to Reema.
Reema is a poor girl living in a coastal village in Mauritius. Her parents are poor labourers employed in the sugar cane fields of the establishment. She is only 18 years old and loves Ravi who is studying abroad, in Canada.

Ravi is from a rich family and is from the city. His way of living is completely different to that of Reema. But they love each other. On Valentine day she wished to feel his presence, but last Valentine they had both talked that it is not important for Valentine day to be here to show their love to each other. Love is celebrated everyday and not specifically on Valentine’s Day they had said.

But on Valentine’s Day she missed him more than any other day and she decided to write him a letter, as she has not even a mobile phone, nor a computer to send emails. They were writing letters to each other and every fifteen days she received a letter from him and she replied.

So in the morning of the day of Valentine she wrote this to him:

The letter

My love Ravi,

It’s not my turn to reply you yet I wish to write you today as I am missing you a lot and it is Valentine’s Day today. I know we had talked that it’s not only on this day that we show our love to each other but everyday and always, yet I am feeling like writing you on this day especially.

I don’t need any token from you, you don’t need send me any rose, I don’t want any gift from you, I don’t want you to take me to the restaurant for dinner. I only wish and need you by my side sweetheart. I only want you to love me and care for me. I only want to see you sitting in front of my eyes, I wish to hear your voice, I wish to feel you near me. I wish you walk two steps by my side darling. Come back soon my love, come back soon. Missing you a lot, miss you every day, every night, every morning, all evenings…

Tired of waiting for you baby, my eyes long to see you, is that day far? Will I stay still for you? Won’t my parents force me to get married before you terminate your course? Won’t there be someone else in your life there? Wont you forget me and come here with a stranger as your wife?...all this frightens me a lot sweetheart. I am afraid that I will get to lose you darling. You are my heartbeats, I breathe your name night and day. Will you ever let me fall?

I don’t know why I am writing all these, but just want to let you know that I love you too much and will not be able to bear you away from me for too long. Please come back soon. You will receive this letter 8 days after Valentine’s Day, from the depth of the heart I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart. May great God help you and bless you now and always. May you be successful and be back soon to your baby.

Enclosing all my love for you with sweetest kisses and tight hugs baby.

Your love,


And Reema was returning home from the post office after posting the letter when she saw the postman ringing at her doorstep. It was an express delivery…(in Mauritius express deliveries are possible, and is delivered same day it is posted)…. She signed and took the letter…it was posted inland, she was surprised as nobody writes her except Ravi, but that comes by air mails…. She went inside, opened, and jumped with tears of joy in her eyes, she laughed and cried together…. It was a letter from Ravi!! BUT HOW?

Well read his letter to know.

Ravi’s letter

My dearest life Reema,

You will no doubt be surprised to receive this letter from me as it is not my turn of replying. Well I wanted this to reach you on Valentine’s Day. So I planned this since long time back as I had a friend here who was to return back to Mauritius just two days before Valentine and I gave him the letter and told him to post it ‘express delivery’ to you on this day. I hope he will do it and you will receive it on this day itself….i will remind him by phone anyway so you will surely receive this on Valentine’s Day. There is a rose enclosed for you sweetheart, it brings along all the love I have for you deep inside me. Never have I missed anyone ever in my life like I do miss you baby. I still remember your shy smile, your sweet voice, the way you stole a look at me in the wedding party, the day we first saw each other in your village, the beautiful dress you were wearing, your smile still twinkles in front of my eyes whether shut or open. You had stolen my heart in the first look you had at me in the wedding on that day! I was very restless and told myself you were my dream girl and at any cost I will make you my wife.

And you remember how my hand had touched yours while washing our hands near the tap? I felt letting my hand over yours for ever and feel you for ever…. I still remember during those three days how many a time I looked for you and I caught your eyes also looking for me every now and then… once I had hidden myself behind a curtain and wanted to know if you will look for me in the crowd…. And I felt so sad when I saw the sadness in your eyes searching for me all around, and I did not let you look for long and had appeared in front of you in a sudden…. And at that moment I saw you biting your lips and blushing with your usual shy smile, bending your head, eyes fixed on the floor…. And it was then that I had murmured in your ears “were you looking for me dear?” and the way you had laughed, blushing, before running away from there… I can NEVER forget those moments sweetheart.

And how can I forget how on the third day, we were all alone in that room unexpectedly?...the moment I held you in my arms, the way you shivered, the way your hands trembled, the way you perspired on the forehead…. How I had surrounded your waist, the moment my fingers touched your bare waist, the way your whispers came …. ‘ no, please, no’ …. And how I did not listen to you and let desire overcome unto me, and I had stolen a sweet kiss….. you were shaking! I can still hear your panting, your heavy breath, your breathing in and out so fast, and my mouth touching your cheek and moving to your mouth, your trembling lips, and my lips searching for yours to get the first kiss of my dream girl…. You were reluctant, yet despite you, you gave yourself to me and my lips had explored your trembling mouth, when my tongue had first touched your wet lips, I had sensed your tear rolling down your cheek and land over my tongue with the salty taste, and shocked I had lifted your chin gently with my hand to ask you why the tear and you had replied by holding me very tightly in your arms, pressing me so hard against your soft breast, that I had felt that the world stopped there for ever and I see death in your arms and die peacefully…. I felt your heart beating over my chest, too fast, and still you were trembling….. and we had stayed in that position for a very long time without being disturbed by anyone. That was a blissful moment sweetheart, and it was then that I promised myself that none other than you will be my wife. If not you, nobody else.

So you don’t have to worry at all my sweet Reema there will never be anyone else in my life other than you. There are many girls here but none fits your quality. I look for your timidity in them, I look for your shy smile in them, I look for your smiling eyes in them but can never find it. You are my special one and will always remain so.

I am terminating my course in the next month and as soon as I reach Mauritius, I will come to your place with my parents with the marriage proposal.




Reema was so happy, so happy, it had no bound, she took a writing pad, sat to her table, and wrote……….. went to the post office again to post it.

She had written only this: proposal accepted darling.

Waiting for you. Hurry.

Hope my friends of lovebeats enjoyed it….well it is fiction. Created by me, it’s from my imagination.

Written by Shah of Mauritius.

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