Monday, June 21, 2010

A True Love Story...

This is a story which proves you that “Love is a sacrifice”

There is lot of similarities between them. There way of thinking, likings, approach towards life etc..... almost everything is common in them. Its hard to believe that how can two human beings carry so much similarities. Yes they are in LOVE and suddenly life becomes more beautiful.But they forget one most important thing i.e. she is already married.When he used to meet her, he not only sees her love but a gentle face with a heart of gold and many opportunities.He tries to hide the feelings, whenever he meets her, but he always fail…Instead he glow and light up, and the funny part is that he see the same resemblance in her also. They spend a good time together.

He can't stop thinking about her, given the opportunity he would make her life a fairytale and would do everything within his powers to make her every dream a reality and fragrant her life with true and everlasting love. He strongly believes in God and whenever he prays to Almighty, the first thing he asks for her. She is present virtually everywhere near him, in his heart, in his soul, in his thoughts, in his dreams, in his attitude etc. He indeed was very thankful to her because it is his love for her that has helped him to preserve his morals and ethical standards and be a creature loved by everyone. It gave him a sense to respect woman and to love the nature.

He had the distinguished honor to share in a small but wonderful piece of my life with her and wish to share his remaining life with her.

He always thought that “Why, do we get scared of something that can't be there and won't ever be? i.e. Separation Because it's hard to realize that they won't be together for long or just the thought of loosing the one who is standing so close to you?”The worst part is to stand beside a person, knowing that you can't have them.

They know the reality but they continued. And one day everything comes to end in sudden flash. Her husband comes to know about their relation. Things changed very drastically. The time had come when she has to choose between the guy whom she loves and her family and she choose her family. She withdraws herself from that relationship.

The guy knows that this is just a compromise that she was making. He knows that u cannot live a successful life on a compromises platform. He knows the only way she will be happy by improving the relation with her husband. For this first she has to hate him. He started a very well planned game. He started harassing the girl. He does all the possible ways to irritate her.

He started follow the girl and makes sure that she should see him while following. Call her on her office and cell maximum no. of times. Writing mails. Calling her friends. She started getting irritated by all these. And after few months she starts hate that guy. At the end of the day he achieved what he wants. But the whole thing was very painful to that guy and to that girl. Hurting somebody whom he loves so much. Now she is happy with her family. This is what the guy always wanted “To see smile in her face”……..

There is a very famous quote “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” but it fails to define its message and meaning to Him. To preserve through his life without her demeans his purpose and obliterates all hopes for happiness. No other girl will ever be able to replenish her place in his life. He will be very lonely, even if not alone.

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