Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stumbling Blocks & Stepping Stones

In early February, of 1990, I sat at a table playing a game called Risk and taking a drug called magic mushrooms. little did I know that my so called friends were something more. I began to feel funny and had this strange voice in my head telling me "You're dead! You're dead!" Over and over it streamed through my head, "Your dead!" I could not shake it. I kept looking up at these people wandering what is going on. But, they would just shake their heads and look down.

I started feeling worse so I got up and feel flat on my face. I eventually woke up finding myself on their kitchen floor. Nobody did anything but just sat there. I got up walked to their couch and sat down. I remember asking one of them what was going on? He just said, "It's coming back so you better leave."

Well, I left and went home, not knowing what was going on! I dabbled in the occult and drugs, but I never thought that this would happen. I was only twenty years old at the time and didn't want to die! At that time I was dealing with alot of thoughts about God & Satan, but I wanted to party, also. But it had a price!

I entered my room and tried to fight this feeling of my life being drained out of me, but it didn't work. I ended up getting my dad and asking him to pray with me. My dad insisted he take me to the hospital because my heart was racing so fast. So, as I walked out of my house with the Bible in my hand I simply asked, "Please God, help me!" and He did.

I went to the hospital and they found nothing wrong, my heart was acting normal, the darkness was gone, the drug addiction was gone, everything had been made new. And Jesus is closer than a brother!

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