Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RED ROSES from A Hand of an ANGEL


And to make ammends for my long absence, I will share something that will touch your heart. This is a story that I will always Cherished in my Heart.

:)It's VALENTINE'S DAY again, everyone was so busy buying gifts and flowers for their Loveone's. It was the ussual scenario during Love Day seasons...But for my present situation, It was unussual because my Husband won't be able to come home for some circumstances. This is my first Valentine's Day without him, eventhough I am sad and lonely, my 3 kids greeted me and touched my heart with thier swetness and make a Happy face with them that's why I planned to treat them out for dinner after their classes.

:)The loneliness I felt, become unbearable when the sunset we're approaching. For 12 long years this is the first time that we are not together with this special occasion,which makes me hard to resist the tears to fall and began to cry silently on our bedroom.

:)When kids was already dressed up and we are all headed to the restaurant,they sangs "You're My Valentine" that makes me more melancholic because that's their Dad's favorite song. We arrived at the place before they started their "Audience participation sets". While the waiter taking some order my Eldest Son whispered to my ear that he will make some call. The place was full of families,lovers and couples, seing them makes me realized that I have to enjoy and treasure this moment being with my Kids. Suddenly the band started and the singers make some Announcement that All the song requests will be sung accordingly ,..But before that he has to fulfilled his promise to some kids who warmth and touched his heart with thier concerned and love to their lonely Mom,.

:)Everyone make some "Ohhhh...and SO touched..My 11 years old Son,my eldest...was on the stage!! :)holding "A Bunch of Red Roses"... I am so surprised!! Can't able to speak,so overwhelmed!!

:)When My son hold the microphone and Greeted Everyone with a warmth " HAPPY VALENTINE'S "...

He said ,

" Mom, Happy Love Day!!And Thank you for your Loving and taking care of us...for your untiring guidance, the long patience for our naughtiness and misdeeds. We are thankful that GOD gave us a Devoted and Loving Mother like you.

I know that you are sad and really missed Dad,...we missed him too..And eventhough He's not here to make you smile and gave you white roses, 'We are here to gave you a Red Roses.

This Roses is for You Mom, for me,

this is not just a beautiful is YOU..

A kind of flower that consist of many torns but preciously Blooms, adds color and suited for any occasions...This flower is like YOU Mom.

The torns is.... your hardships, pains,disappointments and the struggle to raised us,

The leaf is.....your hopes,endurance and positive beliefs for every torns of life,

The buds and petals is...your unconditional love,your caring, and being responsible mother who always there for us rain or shine.,

And the Red symbolize... your courage, perseverance and strenght to survive for achieving those goals for our future.

I am proud that You are My MOM...My Incredibly Wonderful Mom, who never forget to Smile even when she's sad.

We Love you Mom, and Happy Valentines Day![/ Ohhh...i will never ever forget this touching moment, everybody was crying and gave him a big applause!! A simple flowers for us, but for an eleven years old boy it's part has meaning,

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