Saturday, June 12, 2010

Move ahead use your head and that will giv you all the freedom

Hai friends,

We always think abt the past or the pains we have ...but once we use our heads and think its all over....

Once upon a time a bird in a cage sang for her merchant.

He took such delight in her song day and night that her feelings began to matter.

He grew so fond of her that he brought her water in a golden dish, and when he had to go on a merchant’s journey he asked her for her wish.

‘I will go through the forest where you were born past the birds of your neighbourhood. What message should I bring them for news of your present good?’

‘Tell them I sit locked in a cage, singing my captive song.

My heart is grieved and I hope it won’t be long before I see them again and look on their faces and fly in freedom through the trees.

What message do they have for me from their lovely forest that will set my heart at ease?

Oh I yearn for my beloved, to fly with him and spread my captive wings!

Until then I sit disconsolate separate from all things sweet.’

The merchant went on his donkey through the thick and melodious wood. When he got to where his bird was from he stopped and pushed back his hood.

‘Oh birds, one and all, greetings to you from my pretty bird locked in her cage. She sends her love and wants me to tell you of her condition and ask your sage for a message to take back that will ease her heart and turn over a brand new page. She is all alone with bars all around her – she wants to join her beloved and sound her song through the air- for her heart to be free again.’

All the birds listened to his tale, then suddenly one bird shrieked and fell from its branch to the ground, dead. The merchant froze to the spot he stood on. Nothing could astound him more than this did. He went to the city and traded his goods, Then he returned to his house and went around in a mood unable to speak.

Finally his bird asked him what message came from their beaks and he stood before her cage and said,

‘Oh, nothing to speak of.’

‘No, no’ she cried, ‘I must know at once!’

‘I don’t know what happened,’ he said,

‘I’m a dunce! I told them your message and just like that, one bird fell dead at my feet.’

Suddenly, his own bird shrieked and fell on her head onto the floor for her cage. He let out a cry ‘Oh, what have I done?’ he wept, ‘What have I done? Now my moon has gone out and so has my sun. Now my own bird is dead – my life means nothing. I will have to bury her now, dear, dead thing!’

He opened the door and reached in and took her into his hand, careful not to drop her, but, once out in the air, she flew up with one swoop and flew out of the window onto the nearest roof slope.

‘Thank you, merchant master, for delivering my plea.’ She sang out, ‘Those birds sent me a message that instructed me on how to win my freedom and fly quite free.

So I go now to my loved on who is waiting for me .

All I did was play dead. All I had to do was die.

Its easy once you use your head. Goodbye, goodbye, master no more.

I will fly into space, to my beloved I’ll soar.’

She returned

no more.

So my Friend to Move ahead use your head and that will giv you all the freedom

Have Nice Day,

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