Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The Great King Yudhishthira once wished to make a great sacrifice. His friends and ministers and officers came to him and they began to talk about the arrangements. While they were talking, the Lord of all things, Shri Krishna himself, came there. Yudhishthira received him with great joy and respect and whole city was made glad by his presence. Yudhishthira asked permission of Shri Krishna to perform the great sacrifice, and he gave him permission and said it was good it should be done.

Messengers were then sent out to invite all the Brahmana of the land, and the Kshattriyas and the Vaishyas and the respectable Shudras. Thousands of Brahmana came with joyous hearts from the various countries, and Kings and Sages came to Yudhishthira's sacrifice. In all that vast assembly there was none like unto Shri Krishna. He, the Lord of all creatures, greatest than all men, there showed his greatness in humility, and himself washed the feet of the Brahmanas. What a beautiful lesson is here given us Krishna, the foremost of all, is the gentle server, and by this we see that we must never scorn any service, however humble it may be. Let little children remember that service of others is the highest duty, and that we should think humbly of ourselves.The bird that soars on highest wing, Builds on the ground her lowly nest, And he that doth most sweetly sing, Sings in the shade when all things rest: In lark and nightingale we see What honor hath humility.

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