Monday, June 7, 2010

The evil of Discord

Once upon a time a fowler spread his net on the ground in order to catch birds. Soon two birds who lived together were caught in the net, but, taking the net, but, taking the net in their beaks, the two birds flew into the air taking the net up with them. The fowler then began to follow in the direction that the birds flew; just then an ascetic living in a hermitage close by, who had finished his morning prayers, saw the fowler running after the birds and said to him: "O fowler, it is very strange that you can only walk on the earth should in this manner run after birds who fly in the air".

Then the fowler said: "So long as these birds are united and work together they can fly away with the net, but if they quarrel then they will loose the net and they will fall to the ground and I shall catch them". And so it happened; the foolish birds began to quarrel, and as they quarrelled they let go of the net, and the net as it fell to the ground carried them also to the ground, and while they were still fighting with each other, the fowler came caught them and put them to death. And so it is in a family; so long as all are working kindly and lovingly together all goes well. But is those who are kinsmen begin to fight and act unkindly one to another, then as with the birds, any enemy can attack them and sorrow comes to that family.


God entrusts to all

Talents few or many.

None so young and small,

That they have not any.

Though the great and wise

Have a larger number,

yet my one I prize,

And it must not slumber.

Little drops of rain

Bring the springing flowers,

And I may attain

Much by little powers.

Every little mine,

Every little measure,

Helps to spread the light,

Helps to swell the treasure.

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