Friday, June 4, 2010

Control Of Anger

"There is no act that an angry man may not no word that an angry man may not

utter. The angry man may insult his superiors with harsh words. The wise

control their anger. The honest and forgiving man is ever victorious".

"They that are good remember only the good deeds of their foes, and not the

evil unkind acts their foes might have done unto them. The good besides do

good unto others without expectation of any good in return".

Ramachandra, living in exile, heard far off in the forest the noise of an army

tramping along. "O Lakshmana", he cried, "climb up that tall tree, and see

who comes". Lakshmana climbed up, and saw that his younger brother was coming

with a great crowd, and he angrily called out that Bharata was coming to kill

them, and, quickly climbing down again, he told Rama that they must prepare

for battle. "Nay, nay", said Ramachandra smiling, "our brother comes for no

harm. If say to him, Give your kingdom to Lakshmana,' he will at once say

"yes". Then the anger of Lakshmana died down, and he met his brother tenderly,

and all was peace.

One day Bhima, who was a very hot-tempered man, grew furiously angry with his

elder brother and said: "You lost us our kingdom by your gaming, robbed us of

our riches, brought us to exile; and now, just that you may have credit for

keeping a promise given to gamblers, you play the coward and desert your duty

as a Kshattriya, and will not fight. A nice elder brother you are".

Yudhishthira was very much grieved, and for a few minutes he would not speak,

for fear he should answer angrily. Then he spoke to Bhima very gently, saying:

"O Bhima, dear brother, you are quite right; all the misfortunes are my fault.

So I cannot blame you for being angry. Still, forgive me, and do not speak

unkindly. I must not break my promise, even to please you. Only wait a little,

and better days will come." Then Bhima was ashamed and touched his brother's

feel, and there was no quarrel.

"Speak gently, it is better far

To rule by love than fear;

Speak gently, let not harsh words mar

The good we might do here".

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