Friday, June 11, 2010


Our life is littered with all sorts of broken promises. You'll recall and see how much of your unhappiness was caused by broken promises.

When you were a child, your parents perhaps made promises that they did not keep and were broken. Even if the promise was fulfilled at a later date, it was not the same if it was done sooner.

While you were growing up, you certainly made promises you did not keep, disappointing your parents and friends, likewise. Those promises that were not meant to be broken haunt you and rendered you a lot of pain and full of regret.

But you were also the victim of those promises that were never kept. You got hurt and doubtful about other people who made promises to you.

Some promises are regarded with even greater importance. Say for instance, at work, your employer made a promise of a salary increase or job promotion. You regarded him as an honorable man if he kept his promises. However, if he did not, you think of him as a crook or a man with no word of honor.

On the other hand, in your relations with friends, promises are far more of greater and severe importance. Broken promises could break up relationships. Those who are good in keeping their promises became your friends forever, while those who constantly break their promises are no longer regarded as your friends.

In the same manner, if you keep your word, you still have good old friends. However, if you broke your promises, chances you will have no friends at all.

However, the most serious promises made were those that concerned your love life. If the one you love kept promises and in turn, you kept yours, you'll have a relationship that will flourish and gain eternal happiness.

Love relationships live or die on promises. Every betrayal in love is a broken promise that is made or implied. Every promise kept is an expectation fulfilled. Occurrence of repeated broken promises destroy a relationship because they promote mistrust and unfaithfulness. Relationship ends and collapses quickly and permanently as a result of broken promises. Marriages take longer to break. There will be more broken promises, but, in the end, as the number of unkept promises mount, the marriage disintegrates.

Reconciliation is built on promises to change, to do things differently. But it fails when those promises are broken or ignored.. Successful relationship will depend on promises fulfilled and kept.

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