Friday, May 21, 2010

Refusing To Believe

In 1957, Lieutenant David Steeves walked out of the California Sierra Mountains 54 days after his Air Force trainer jet had disappeared...

He related an unbelievable tale of survival after parachuting from his disabled plane. For almost three months he said he had eaten berries and dug snow tunnels to sleep in, had seen no one during the entire time, and finally walked out on his own. By the time he showed up alive, he had already been declared officially dead.

His story was viewed with much skepticism because during that same time frame his assigned unit had been sent to the Korean War. When further search failed to turn up any wreckage, a hoax was suspected and Steeves was forced to resign under a cloud of doubt. He lived for two decades branded as a deserter and possible spy. One story had him selling the plane to the Russians; another shipping it piecemeal to Mexico. Steeves died in 1965.

In 1977 a troop of Boy Scouts hiking through Kings Canyon National Park discovered the wreckage of Steeve's plane, and his story was confirmed. His family was issued an apology from the military and was told that Lt. David Steeves' name was reinstated with honor.

One of Steeves' friends, Eugene Juneet, after the ceremony told the Associated Press, "This was nice," but then he added, "I just wish someone would have believed Dave back then...."¹

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