Saturday, May 22, 2010

No Greater Love

Maxwell Maltz tells the story of a man who'd been severely injured while attempting to rescue his parents from a fire. His heroic efforts proved to be in vain. His mom and dad died in the burning house.

During his rescue attempt, the fire badly scorched his face and disfigured it. He was so ashamed of his appearance that he refused to allow anyone, including his wife, to see his face.

For help, his wife went to Maltz, a plastic surgeon. "Not to worry," he assured her, "I can restore his face."

Despite the good news, the wife still felt disheartened. Her husband had always refused any medical treatment. Assuming he wouldn't change his mind, she said to Maltz, "I want you to disfigure my face so I can be like him! If I can share in his pain, then maybe he will let me back into his life."

Maltz tried to mask his horror at the request. He refused to perform the operation, but was so moved by this woman's love for her husband that he went to visit her husband. Through closed door, he yelled, "I'm a plastic surgeon. I want you to know that I can restore your face."

No reply.

"Please, won't you come out? At least let me see your face. At least talk to me."


Still speaking through a door, Maltz told the man of his wife's request. "She wants me to mutilate her face in order to make her face like yours. She hopes that you will then let her back into your life. That's how much she loves you."

Ever so slowly the doorknob turned.

(True, it must be extremely painful to be disfigured and feel that no one will ever accept you. May God help all of us to love and accept those who suffer so).

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