Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Lost ticket" ---> A short moralistic story Written by ME

It was a pleasant afternoon. Radhika and Ravi were in the village bus stop. They were constantly watching outside the stop to check whether the bus was approaching. At last the bus pulled over. It was a bit crowded. But they got in. Within few stops many passengers alighted and the bus was now with limited passengers. Radhika and Ravi got a seat and settled. Radhika aged 14 was Class IX student and her brother Ravi aged 12 was a class VII student. Ravi was the brilliant of the two. The Conductor of the bus approached and Radhika gave a 50 Rupees note and bought two tickets to the city. The conductor did not have the remaining 41 as change and he noted the detail in the back of the ticket and said will return it later. Ravi got the ticket and was playing with it. He was by the window side and a sudden breeze made the ticket to fly away. Both were shocked. They approached the conductor and said the ticket flew away. He said they can get down in the city and no need for the ticket. Radhika informed about the ticket change and then conductor informed that the ticket is needed as a proof. Radhika became sad and almost was in a state of crying, because they had no money to come back. Ravi started thinking. He took his school note book. He tore a sheet of paper and further tore it into small pieces resembling a ticket. He led the tickets one by one in the breeze and noted where it went. All of them followed the same part. They went near the driver's seat. Ravi went there and searched and there it was. He found the missing ticket.

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