Monday, May 10, 2010

College Ragging - Students Lost Their Life ...

College Ragging - Students Lost their LifeRAGGING Ragging is a ill-treatment. Ragging is more commonly seen in colleges and schools. Now-a-days, ragging has become as a time-pass for college students and they do all kinds of things which hurt people and they even get to a point where they injure them badly. Mostly, college students are very scared because of ragging. A group of people join together and they call a girl or a boy and tell them to do unwanted things like swimming on the ground, speaking to unknown persons, etc. and these types of things are forced to do and they are called as ragging. Many of students are effected physically and mentally because of ragging. They hesitate to go to college because they are scared of ragging.Example 1: Akil a 19-year-old student of PSG college was ragged by five guys who are of the same college. One day the five guys entered Akil's room and they asked for 3000 rs, Akil was scared and he gave them 3000 rs. The five guys never stopped asking money and one fine day when they asked Akil for money, Akil refused to give money, so they hit him with the things they got and they have punched his eyes. The next day Akil and his parents went to the police commissioner and gave a complaint on that five guys. Unfortunately, the doctor who consulted Akil told him and the family that when Akil reaches his age of 25, he will lose his vision in one eye. This was a very shocking for Akil as well as his parents. Losing vision is not a simple thing. Akil lost vision by ragging.Example 2: Navarasu a medical student son of former Madras University vice-chancellor Ponnaiyan was ragged and killed. Navarasu was killed by his senior names, David. Navarasu was cut into pieces and this took place in a room when Navarasu was unconsciousness. This ragging event took place in Rajah Muthiah Medical College. It is surprising that nobody in the hostel had noticed this event when it happened. This event was also an unforgettable event which was caused by ragging. Navarasu was killed due to ragging.From these two examples people can notice how bad and stupid thing ragging is. In ragging, they go to any extent. There isno limitations in ragging. Most of the students are spoiled by ragging and they form a gag and they tease girls. Interestingly, some girls too get involved in ragging and they too tease all and they tell to do all sorts of things.Youngsters are mostly spoiled by ragging and they even spoil their own education. If youngsters think, they can stop ragging. Youngsters can do whatever they think. Youngsters should realize how danger ragging is because some have lost their lives because of ragging. So, let us all pray for the persons who were ragged and killed and from now on let us all, i.e. mainly youngsters, work on stopping ragging.Yours, Paramesh.

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