Saturday, May 8, 2010

Best Story - Naming the baby

Once upon a time, in a tiny village in India, there lived Bholaram, the peasant and his wife, Seedhi. They were really simple-Minded. One morning :- Oh! We seem to have overslept today. Has the sun risen ?? asked Seedhi, yawning. Wait! I'll go and ask our neighbours.? Said Bholaram. Somehow, despite their foolishness, they managed to carry on. One fine day :- Dear Husband, we're going to have a baby. Said Seedhi. Really ? what kind ?? He asked. I don't know. She said, scratching her head. Stupid woman! We should find out.? He said, annoyed. Bholaram decided to consult a sage who lived in the forest. So, he went to the forest and reached the cave, in which the sage was meditating. Ah! There he is meditating in his cave.? He thought. Bholaram bowed deeply before the sage and asked :- Tell me, o wise one, what kind of baby will my wife have ?? But, the sage closed his eyes for a long time- Has he gone to sleep or what ?? thought Bholaram. Hmmm! mumered the sage in closed eyes, you wife will give birth to a boy or a girl.He replied. Oh! Thank You! You've solved our problem. Cried Bholaram, overjoyed and he rushed home pleased. After a few weeks later, his wife gave birth to a baby, then :- Ah! A baby boy ! cried his wife. How right the sage was! cried Bholaram. But, what should we name the baby ?? she asked. Such an important decision ! I must ask the sage about it.? Replied Bholaram. So, off he went to the forest once again to consult the sage. Then:- Tell me a name for my child, o wise one.? He asked, bowing before the sage. Come close! I'll put it in your hand. Said the sage.Bholaram stretched out his cupped hands to the sage's mouth :-Close your hands and run home quick!? said the sage. Yes, yes, I must not lose it! cried Bholaram. As he ran back, Bhola saw some farmers ploughing their fields. Why are you running ?? asked one of the farmers. I've got it ! I have got my son's name! he cried. As he looked up to answer them, he tripped and fell down on the ground. Then :- I've lost it! I've lost it! It's all your fault ! he cried. Come on, we?ll help you to find it.? Said one of the farmers coming towards him. What did it look like ?? asked the other farmer, coming towards him. How do I know ?? he said, ? I didn?t see it at all.? Anyway, let's search.Said the third farmer coming. So it was that the five men were groping on all fours on the road- Just then a wise old woman happened to pass that way, then- What are you looking for ?? she asked, looking at them curiously. His son's name. Replied on of the farmers, lifting his head up and looking at her. Name what was it like ?? she asked. ?We don?t know ?? said the other farmer. ?All we know is that it was in my hand and got lost when I fell down.? Said Bholaram. Hah! It's simply idiotic!? cried the old lady, laughing and went away. Thank you! cried Bholaram, pleased. And that is how Bholaram and Seedhi s son came to acquire his name. Simply Idiotic ! come and have your lunch! cried his mother, Seedhi from the kitchen. Yes, Mama. He cried from outside.

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